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Diet & Weight Loss Today

Updated on June 20, 2016

7 Reasons You Should Think Twice about Low Carb Diets

Too many people turn to low carb diets for weight loss.

Those that follow the latest diet trend usually try the low carb option, while others give it a whirl because they are noticing friends or family following similar plans.

Or some decide to try a low carb plan because celebs are doing it.

Most low carb dieters lose weight quick but unfortunately it doesn't stay off.

This is mainly due to the extreme nature of low carb diets.

People are unable to stick to the program and can't cope with the deprivation effects on the body.

So before you jump on the bandwagon, check out the reasons you should think twice about low carb diets:

1. Slows down Your Thought Process

Adequate carbohydrate consumption has been linked to bettering your brain functionality, helping you to think more clearly.

So basically cutting out carbs can slow down your thought process and may even cause your mind to feel clouded.

This is a major reason to think twice before you start a low carbohydrate diet.

2. Lowers Immunity

Carbohydrates are your body's immediate source of energy so cutting this out is like zapping that pep in your step.

You will reduce your immunity and feel like you are going to crash at any given moment.

Choose complex carbs that are rich in fiber to boost your immunity, lose weight and feel great!

3. Have You Feeling out of Sorts

You are hungry, unhappy and nothing seems to be going your way.

Following a low carb diet is not working because you are not feeling 100%.

One minute you are up, the next you are down;

so get back on track by having an adequate amount of complex carbs on a daily basis!

4. Confuses Your Body

By cutting or lowering your carbs you will confuse your body often leading to stress.

When the body is stressed we can gain weight, become ill or even cause metabolic malfunctioning.

There more stress you put on the body with trend dieting, the more likely you are to cause long term problems with your metabolic rate!

5. Can Cause Weight Gain

Cutting out carbs will cause a deficit of energy and also calories,and with this you may notice a quick drop in that number on the scale.

And although this seems like something to rejoice over, since you are depriving the body, once it is reintroduced, the number on the scale often goes back up.

So consume complex carbs in moderation and keep weight gain at bay!

6. You May Even Find Yourself Moody

Since carbs provide immediate energy, eliminating this source can cause a major drop in your mood.

You may feel depressed, lose interest in your favorite things and even lack that spring you always had in your step.

Avoid this and do not cave into the low carb eating trend!

7. Sleep May Become Dismal

Going to sleep on an empty stomach is like trying to put baby to sleep at night after a 4 hour afternoon nap;

You will be restless, stressed and when you do fall asleep, it will not be sound.

So stop cutting out carbs, in fact do not even think about it;

your body needs this source of energy!

So think twice before you cave into the low carb diet trend.

Eat healthy and enjoy all your favorite food in moderation!


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