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Diet for different diseases

Updated on April 16, 2011

Diet has a vital role to play before, during or after a disease. The ameliorative properties of the various food items are not very much known. Here is a very useful guide to diet for the common problems.

Diet for Diabetes Mellitus & Home Remedies for Diabetes Mellitus

A disorder of nutrition in which not only carbohydrates are concerned but also fat and protein. The diet combined with Insulin must be so regulated that the patient can live and work comfortably. The calorific requirements of the patients are calculated 30, 35, to 40 calories per kilograms of body weight, according to hard work, moderate work or rest. Many methods of dieting the patient have been evolved. The food must be carefully weighed and only the stated amount taken. The physician prescribes the amount of insulin required by the patient and injection should be followed in twenty minutes and a meal. The insulin injections are given twice a day before break fast and supper.

Diet for Heart Disease

The patient suffering from heart disease should avoid heavy, indigestible meals and give:

1) Nourishing fluids, especially egg flip, milk, whey, and beef tea.

2) Solid meals are given in small quantity, but frequently.

3) When edema is present, fluids are restricted and salt is forbidden, also alcohol and highly seasoned foods.

Diet for Gastric Ulcer & Home Remedies for Gastric Ulcer

For the patient suffering from gastric ulcer a Lenhartz diet or a modification is usually prescribed. It consists of hourly feeds for ten days of eggs beaten up with milk, to which a little sugar is added. First day, 1 egg with 8 oz. of milk. One egg and 4 oz. of milk is added daily until the patient is receiving 6 eggs and 2 pints of milk. On the third day sugar is added. On the seventh day a little raw minced meat is given after which the diet is gradually extended until full diet is being taken with comfort.

Hurst's Diet

7.30 a.m. Milk, 8 oz

9.00 a.m. Arrowroot or Benger's 7 oz; rusk and butter, red currant or apple jelly. 

11.00 a.m. Junket or custard, 8 oz 

1 p.m Potatoes, parsnip, cauliflower, 8 oz; rusk and butter 

3.00 p.m. Milk, 8 oz

5.00 p.m. Arrowroot or Benger's 7 oz,  rusk and butter

7.00 p.m. junket or custard, 8 oz

9.00 p.m. Milk 8 oz

Diet for Anemia & Home Remedies for Anemia

For the patient suffering from anemia the following food items are generally advised:

1) Red meat, such as liver, kidney, heart, and also brains, Calf-liver is the best. If liver is not well tolerated, liver extract may be given.

2) Fresh fruit and vegetables.

3) Sometimes dilute hydrochloric acid is prescribed for an hour after a meal, taken in sips.

4) Carbohydrates are given in moderation.

5) Fats are restricted.

Diet for Diarrhea & Home Remedies for Diarrhea

For the patient suffering from diarrhea, at first all food should be withheld, but plenty of fluid allowed e.g. water, barley water, albumen water and lime water. A chalk mixture is prescribed by mouth and a starch and opium enema to relieve pain and tenesmus. Semi-solids are gradually introduced and the diet gradually built up. The patient must be kept warm and a little alcohol may be ordered in the form of brandy.

Diet for Constipation & Home Remedies for Constipation

The reason of the patient suffering from constipation may be due to:

1) Deficient intake of cellulose.

2) Weak peristalsis.

3) Insufficient Fluid.

The following should be given to the patient suffering from constipation:

1) Brown bread, porridge, vegetables (especially, turnips, spinach, onions) fruit e.g. apples, oranges, figs, etc.

2) A glass of water every morning and night.

3) Exercise must be done.

Diet for High blood pressure & Home Remedies for High blood pressure

The diet should be arranged on vegetarian lines. Extractive and purinbodies with-held, carbohydrate in moderation as they tend to cause obesity. Liquids and solid food should be taken in moderation. 

Diet for Fever & Home Remedies for Fever:

In case of fever the patient should be given:

1) Minimum of fat-butter, milk and cream.

2) Maximum of carbohydrate - sugar, starchy food, cereals, bread, potatoes, glucose, etc.

3) Bland fluids ad-lib-plain water, barley water, imperial drink, fruit juice, and water. Keep the bowels well open.

Diet for Rickets & Home Remedies for Rickets:

In case of rickets the patient should be given a well balanced diet with a sufficiency of protein and fat containing Vitamins A & D. In addition, give:

1) Cod-liver oil or

2) Irradiated ergosterol

3) Fruit juice, e.g. oranges and limes.

Diet for Phthisis & Home Remedies for Phthisis

For the patient suffering from phthisis the diet should be generous and varied and the tastes and appetite of the patient consulted. Fatigue must be avoided and an hour's complete rest before the mid-day and evening meal is essential. The diet includes egg, milk, plenty of butter, soups, poultry, meats, salads and vegetables, suet pudding, cakes fruit, tea and coffee. Cod-liver oil or Cod-liver oil and malt are usually ordered.


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