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Diet or Exercise - what is the right way to go?

Updated on December 12, 2016

Dieting or exercising - which will help you to lose more weight? This is a question asked pretty often by people struggling to lose those extra few pounds. Many will suggest the 80-20 rule which says that a combination of 80% diet and 20% exercise will make you lose weight. Well, some other talks about the 70-30 rule instead. The point is that all this information can lead to further confusion if nothing else and hence, let's take a peek into some insights instead:

A good diet plan

What is a good diet plan? A good diet plan includes having all the minerals and nutrients through a balanced intake of carbohydrate, protein and healthy fat. That being said, you should eat food at a regular interval with small intakes every time throughout the day. It is also said that the breakfast should be the heaviest meal for you in the entire day. According to basic mathematics, if you take in foods which have a total calorie being lower than that of the amount you need for conducting your daily tasks (It is known as the BMI), you will end up losing some weight. But, the reality is not so simple. It is just not about your food intake or portion. Rather than, it is about your entire lifestyle, it's about changing your entire view on how you like to eat. If you abolish your favorite food items altogether, it is supposed to make you craving for the same even more. That being said, you cannot binge eat either as that will lead to weight gain.

7 Minute Workout to lose weight fast, burn fat and tone your body

It is important to eat fruits and vegetables. But, if you like meat, a bit of steak doesn't turn things bad overnight for you. If you like ice creams, have a scoop once a week. But, if you turn that into a habit for yourself, you will basically never be able to lose any substantial weight.

Do workout

This is where exercise comes into picture. However, it alone cannot solve weight loss problems either. According to a recent research, people who just exercised without any balanced diet routine lost only 2.4% of their body weight after 6 weeks. People who only followed a strict diet, on the other hand, lost 7% of their body weight. However, those who combined a healthy diet with a proper exercise regime lost 13.5% of their body weight.

Remember, doing workouts is not always about weight loss. First of all, you are able to build up muscles which weigh more than fat. Also, they burn more calories. Secondly, your endurance is increased manifold through regular exercise. Third, your overall body structure becomes better and your heart gets healthier. The point is that when you exercise regularly, even if you don't lose weight, there are many associated benefits that should make it a must-do option.

How many times do you exercise every week without fail?

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See, rules are rules. People will talk about 80-20, 70-30 or even 60-40. Some plan that has worked for others may not work well for you at all. Understand what suits your body and stick to that. Usually the perfect combination is made by mixing workout with diet. Treat exercise like a king and diet like a queen - the combination of both will help you rule the kingdom - which is your health.


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