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Diet to lose weight - Aim to lose weight

Updated on November 25, 2015
Workout Folding Bike to lose weight
Workout Folding Bike to lose weight | Source

Why longer weight loss plan is a must?

Ideally, who wants to lose weight for long term and keep his ideal weight permanently, his or her diet must change permanently. Although you can lose weight up-to 5 kg in 14 days, but once you start again as usual to eat. The lost weight are muscle contractions jerk back on the hips. Since short-term diet plans are laid plans often not only be very one-sided but also reduce calorie drastically, it also risked gaps. This can be manifested by following symptoms

  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • bad mood.

You lose, especially with the rapid loss of water, not fat. If the body is not sufficiently supplied with proteins in a while, it gets worse.

Finally, if his body is not the time to slow down, but regularly to lose weight will also increase relatively quick. Instead of trusting in the promises of seeming miracle cures, it is important to create a long- term diet. Which initially supported the removal and later helps maintain the desired weight.

Tips for a diet to lose weight

Who wants to lose weight need to burn more calories than you need for himself? This rule seems so simple and it is. Theoretically, all diets restrictive and are useless. In principle, it does not matter what you eat.

Health and character for the good, you still should not set out fast food and sweets to provide the body with all the essential nutrients. The ultimate diet plan to lose weight cannot exist and that is a good thing. Finally, each of us has a taste and different preferences in food. However, to remove the diet plan must have a negative calorie balance bottom line.

  • The goal should always be a long- term diet because those around her constantly eating habits will be able to keep her weight permanently.
  • A diet is extremely helpful especially at the beginning of the diet because you do not have to ask every day, "What do I eat today?" Ideally, the weekend has been created to plan for the whole of next week.
  • Another benefit of a diet is that you can provide exactly the nutrients the body, depending on the time of day when it needs. So we prevent cravings and nutritional deficiencies. At meals, it is important to eat their fill, otherwise not only threatens food cravings, especially not to eat too little.
  • A common misconception with diets is that less food also brings more success. The truth is somewhat different because too few calories are fed, the body stops its metabolism to conserve energy. Maybe you lose more weight in the first days, but mainly in the form of water and precious muscle mass, but almost no fat. To stimulate fat metabolism, the body needs adequate food.

Meals and times of the day

A change in diet is always an expensive conversion habit. Fast foods at lunchtime, between snacking or chips and sugary snacks in front of the TV, it is difficult to lose weight and more.

A diet plan supports the familiarization phase, the hardest fall in the first days and weeks. The good news is that the body relatively quickly adjusted to the new structure.

Whether it is more advantageous in the context of a change of diet, eating three large meals or five small meals, is controversial. Personally, I prefer recommends eating three large meals, because it is important for successful weight loss. The more you eat, the more the parties must be in order not to exceed the total calories. It is important to eat their fill, so not rise hunger pangs between meals.

Another advantage of three meals a day. The body sufficient time for metabolism and digestive processes. Insulin levels and blood sugar may fall between meals and thus stimulates fat burning.

  • At the breakfast, meal is important. In the morning, the body needs sufficient starting energy for the day. Carbohydrates, such as cereals, bread, rolls and fruit heat metabolism and neatly against the body the energy it needs.
  • For lunch, a balanced diet is recommended. Just lunch usually has little time to reflect on meals. Eat potatoes with fried egg, rice with chicken or tuna salad with bread. A sweet dessert is perfectly acceptable, but you must reduce the carbohydrate part of the main meal.
  • The night with a meal rich in protein during the night fat burning process. Carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar, and fruit should be abandoned in the evening.

Eating plan for one week

The following is an example of eating plan displayed for single week. It's just a example. Please keep in mind that nutrition plan always depends on personal calorie requirements.

Monday to Thursday Eating Plan

Friday to Sunday Eating Plan

Do you think above Eating plan can be followed ?

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