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Diet During Pregnancy

Updated on March 24, 2013

Two things that you need to be very careful during those nine months of pregnancy are your diet and your exercise. To have a healthy baby, you need to be healthy and you can only do that if you monitor what you eat and how active you are. Yes, there are certain cases where the diet will have to be supervised as the woman can keep nothing down and there will be a need for bed rest so exercising is out of the question. But for the majority, diet and exercise are not just allowed, they are advised.

diet during pregnancy
diet during pregnancy

The old world adage that you should eat enough for two might be right if it were to mean quality and nutrition, not quantity. You might need to stop eating junk food and empty calories and replace them with nutritionally rich foods that benefit you and your growing baby. Talk to your doctor about how much weight you should be putting on each month. The ideal weight that you should put on up to just before your baby is born is 12 kgs. Initially, in the first couple of months you might fond that you are losing a bit of weight – as long as your doctor doesn’t get worried, you don’t need to either. Then, the weight starts going up as the fetus grows.

Talk to your doctor about what he recommends as a balanced diet for you. This is important in the first trimester if you are throwing up and you will need to replenish the nutritional needs of your body. After than, you need a diet that has the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats ands vitamins and minerals. Your doctor might ask you to take extra vitamins and supplements in order to make sire that you are getting all the nutrition you need. Do not overstuff yourself on sugary foods, carbohydrates and fried foods. This will just mean that you will pout on so much weight which you will find difficult to shed after the baby is born.

At the same time, don’t go on any diet that will deny your baby from getting the nutrition he needs. Yes, pregnancy means that you will put on weight but if you are sensible, you can shed it in a couple of months after deliver. Don’t try and control your weight while you are pregnant – it will mean you are doing a gross injustice to your unborn baby who looks to you for all its nutrition.

Try and eat foods that are healthy – this may be the time to go organic and eat organically grown foods. Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can. Some people ware allergic to fruit acids so if you are among that group. Avoid the fruits or stew them before eating them. It is always good to check with your gynecologist as well as your GP before you come up with a pregnancy diet plan. Eat sensibly and both you and your baby will be healthy and happy.


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