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Dietary Supplement Product Review: Omega Sports: Beta-Alanine

Updated on November 23, 2011

Omega Sports Beta-Alanine Review

Omega Sports Beta-Alanine Review
Omega Sports Beta-Alanine Review
Omega Sports Beta-Alanine Review
Omega Sports Beta-Alanine Review

Omega Sports: Beta-Alanine Review

Beta Alanine from Omega sports is a part of the Omega Alpha Series of health and nutrition supplements. Omega Alpha Series is a range of ultra premium grade of food supplement that are laboratory tested and clinically verified by doctors and physicians. The Omega Alpha Series products are 100% nutritive and are free from any kind of fillers, by-products or added flavors. The Omega Alpha series aims to assist body builders and athletes in building a better physique and increase strength and endurance.

The Beta Alanine had a great market presence within days of its launch. Everyone was looking for Beta Alanine and those who couldn’t lay their hands on the genuine Omega Sports Beta Alanine had to remain content with inferior products containing only fractions of Beta Alanine. By now Omega Sports Beta Alanine is already the most selling creatine product and has a monopoly over international supplement market. There have been many products claiming to be the best creatine product. But they have come and gone. None of these products could stay to compete with the Omega Sports Beta Alanine. The Omega Sports Beta Alanine has stayed because of so many positive reviews and a clinically approved and laboratory proven list of ingredients that ensure only positive results.

After consuming Beta Alanine your endurance and muscle mass increase and there is a huge dip in muscle fatigue or soreness that you might have experienced after a strenuous exercise previously. Omega Sports Beta Alanine works perfectly in sync with other dietary supplements such as Creatine Monohydrate. Both of these products work in sync to further increase muscle mass and stamina and reduce recovery time.

You should first consult your physician Omega Sports Beta Alanine to check if you are allergic to any ingredient. The Beta Alanine is intended only for adults and should not be prescribed or fed to children. Women are advised to stop taking Beta Alanine if they are pregnant or are planning to conceive. Beta Alanine on first usage might produce a tingling or flushing effect but don’t worry the effect will go after a few days usage. For maximum benefits take three scoops of Omega Sports Beta Alanine half an hour before you hit the gym and another three scoops later.


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