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Dieters: Watch Out for Halloween!

Updated on October 6, 2008
Halloween candy is yummy, but you should avoid it!
Halloween candy is yummy, but you should avoid it!

The holiday season is notorious for adding extra unwanted pounds to our bodies. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming together in this three month window, watching your weight can be tough. Then again, you won't want to deprive yourself during these family get-togethers either. That's a surefire way to let your diet crash and burn.

The good thing about Thanksgiving and Christmas (or Chanukah, Kwanzaa) dinners are that they only mean one day of possible overeating. You have that large meal full of turkey, chicken, starchy sides and yummy pies. The next day, you're right back to the diet you were on. And if you have leftovers, you can always work them in to your health eating plan.

The problem comes with Halloween. The unhealthy eating doesn't seem to stop for days or even weeks. If you have kids, or are out for some adult trick-or-treating, you'll likely have a large stock pile of candy lying around. Did you know that a fun size Snickers bar has 99 calories? I highly doubt you can eat just one. This is where the danger lies.

Tips for Healthy Eating Through Halloween

  1. When giving away candy to neighborhood children, buy candy that you don't particularly like. For example, if you hate Smartees, buy those. Then they won't be nearly as much of a temptation as you wait for the ghouls and ghosts to arrive.

  2. Don't go trick -or-treating unless you have to. If you have young kids, you'll probably go, but maybe you should teach your kids healthy eating by only letting them hit one block.

  3. Don't eat your kids' candy. It's theirs anyway. Let them have it.

  4. Set a cut-off date. Keep any leftover candy until the cut-off, then throw it or give it away. I suggest a week.

  5. Keep track of your calories regardless. If your main diet method is counting calories, keep to your goal through Halloween (and the other holidays.) If you really want to cram your face with skittles, you'll just have to eat less of other foods for that day. Then you're still within your healthy calorie range.

It's definitely possible to eat right at Halloween. Just follow these steps and you shouldn't have any dieting downfalls. Heck, you may even keep losing weight and see no hiccups in your plan.

Quick Tips for Staying Healthy in the Holidays

  • When counting daily calories, try to keep your holiday meals within your budget. It's not that hard, especially if you have a light breakfast or lunch.

  • Follow the 3/4 rule. Fill up your plate with one quarter protein (like yummy turkey) and the rest with vegetables. This will help lower the calories.

  • Wait 15 minutes before going for seconds. Just sit and wait. Talk to your uncle about his new abstract art or Aunt Sara's new blue 'do. After the 15 minutes are up, you probably won't want those seconds anyway.

  • Keep pie slices small. You'll likely want a larger than life slice of pie. Be sensible. Make it small.


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    • tbartle profile image

      tbartle 9 years ago from Missoula, Montana

      Thanks, Bob! I like your beard. :)

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      Bob Ewing 9 years ago from New Brunswick

      I like tip No1. :)