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Dieting Basics, and What's Wrong In The World of Weight Loss

Updated on January 10, 2014


The ultimate rule in dieting is to burn more calories than you take in. Once you remind yourself of that simple rule, dieting becomes a lot less scary. Clear your head of the extra noise that magazines and the internet have filled your head with. If you’re a generally busy and active person as it is, adding in a short jog to your schedule and adjusting your diet is probably all you need to do for now. Something I noticed about reading things on the internet and in magazines is that they made feel like I should be working out every second of every day to reach my goal. That’s insane and a good way to get yourself in the hospital. Who can count calories there?

Your Metabolism

Speeding up your metabolism is the ultimate goal. No one tells you that anymore. I think it’s because if you do, you’ll eventually stop buying their product. Speeding up your metabolism is mentioned a lot, but I don’t think the importance of it is really put out there. Once you get your metabolism at a good rate, taking a day off from working out or having a little piece of cake isn’t the end of your diet. It’s not even a set a back. In order to keep off the weight, you have to get your metabolism going and keep it going. There are a lot of ways to do it, but the best way is to just stick to your workout routine and avoid processed foods. That alone is going to kick start your metabolism in no time. Remember, your metabolism is constantly burning calories for you. Speed up the process, and you’ll burn more and lose more weight easily.

Where's the Inspiration?

It’s so easy to start feeling like we aren’t getting anywhere in our diet. Especially if no one around us is dieting, and there are cookies everywhere. Sometimes we question if it’s worth it. We’re often told to get a diet buddy, or a workout buddy. That may work for some people, but it lacks a lot of inspiration we need and just makes it a contest. I think support groups are better, people you go and talk to about your progress and bad days. Having someone to talk to about it does help. We’ve also been told to keep a food diary, keeping track of everything we eat. Another one that is just part of dieting, there isn’t really any inspiration in that. Try keeping a photo diary, instead. Take pictures of yourself front view and profile view, enter a log about your weight and measurements at the time. When you start feeling discouraged, take some more pictures and measurements. Compare them, and you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come in the time. Never delete any of the diary logs, the more you have the more you can watch yourself lose. Being able to physically see the difference in your body will help a lot more. Inspiration is different for everyone, we all need different things when it comes to that. the most important thing is to avoid negative reinforcements. If someone tells you that the five pounds you just lost don’t matter because you still haven’t reached your goal, avoid the subject with them.

Finding Your Workout

While reading all these things trying to find the best work out for me, has simply made me feel completely inadequate. When I first started, I realized how hard it is to find one workout to get my entire body worked. It seems that those are only in expensive DVD’s. I also realized that the magazines and everyone else publishing workouts, only cater to those who have been doing this for their entire lives. I have yet to find a place for beginners. I took pieces of several work outs, and built my own routine. The problem with “at home” workouts you can find on the internet, is that most of them still require a lot of equipment. It is possible to find some with minimal equipment; such has a few dumbbells, a mat, small things like that. It takes way more research than it should, though. It’s important to have a workout that’s right for you, so unfortunately there isn’t a way around extensive research, unless you hire a personal trainer.


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