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Lose weight with Aisla

Updated on February 17, 2010

Diet and weight reduction

If you look on the internet for a diet you will find lots of freebies. But wait.....STOP! THINK! will these do you more harm than good?

You are already in the firing zone for developing insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes or other nasties so why do you want to start a fad diet ?  This could potentially make your situation worse and do more damage. If you are serious about turning things around please read on and i will try to help you onto the road of prevention of associated illnesses which arise from thoughtless lifestyle sicknesses.

I know you are frightened, worried or depressed and you want all of that excess fat gone by tomorrow, but it took you a long time to aquire it so patience is your first order. Planning and setting goals will get you there and can even make fun for you along the way.

Dieting for health reasons is not a quick fix solution it is a turnaround and a lifestyle change that will benefit your whole future.

A proper diet with real weight loss will give you energy and inspiration to feel better about yourself and it will make you enthusiastic about your following goals.

There is one simple rule to start with:

Start slowly both with the diet and the complimentary exercise program.

If you start with too much enthusiasm you risk burning out before the real effect kicks in.

You also risk damaging your body by starving it of essential nutrients for building cells and the exercise overdone can damage unprepared muscles and joints. So take it slowly in the beginning and prepare your body for it's new future.

Another advantage of taking it slowly in the beginning is that the weight loss has a better chance of staying off.

If you were to suddenly cut down your intake of food drastically then you would do more harm than good. For one your body would think you were suffering from starvation , so when you do eat it will store fat, your metabolism will join in and go slower in sympathy and this is not what you want. You want to burn calories so metabolism should be on your side to help you burn fat not preserve it.

You should avoid any diet that tells you to stick to one type of food and cut out others, except for sticky sugary refined sugary sweet things, they have to go!

For energy you need vitamins, minerals, certain fats for the nervous system and other essentials for every day functioning. Thie lack of essentials will very quickly make you feel shakey and unwell, you will have a hard time concentrating and before you know it you will be heading for the goodie cupboard to feel better.

When this happens your metabolism is screaming out, trying to protect and preserve so your weight may even go much higher than it was when you decided to look up that fad quick fix of a diet.

So lets look at some simple rules for cutting calories and reducing body fat in a sensible way.T


I am not saying that this will work for everyone and i in no way want to be held responsible if it doesn't instead i want to share what worked for me and many of my friends.

The best way to lose weight is to follow the simple solution of reducing the amount of calories that you eat in a day while increasing exercise . By doing this you will encourage your body to use the stores of fat it stores.

If you aim in the beginning at losing around half a kilo each week this is 2 kilos in a month and 10 kilos in five months. 12 kilos in a year and for those of you working in stones and pounds this is the equivalent of 3 stones in one year without too many drastic changes.Now that is a marked differance for many people so set your goals over a time period.


Are you drinking fizzy drinks with sugar?................change to diet drinks.

Are you eating high fat content butter and cheeses?..........change to low fat.

Are you using sugar in hot drinks?.....change to sweetners.

Are you making sauces with cream base or fat milk...........change to lowfat milk.

Are you like me and love latte?............................change to low fat milk. Latte light tastes good.

There are many changes you can make just to get a good start.

IWhen you buy boxed food read the label for hidden salts, carbohydrates and fats etc. It is much healthier to make food from fresh food and the nutrients are much more beneficial.

When you are in the danger zone for developing diabetes type 2 or insulin resistance you need to think of ways to prevent later development of disease complications. Your diet will have to be changed in order to protect from developing heart disease. You will need to take into consideration, cholesterol and types of carbohydrates.


Look at your eating habits. Be honest with yourself and preferably use an eating diary!

This is hard to do because you need to face up to every morsel that passes your cheating allowed. Many are surprised to learn that they eat lots of small snacks between and in addition to their normal meals. When the calories are added up, the shock on their faces is amazing. I was no exception to this group and when i thought that i could have had two extra good meals with desert thrown in matching my snacks i changed my ways at once.

Honesty in this case is your weapon of mass destruction.

Keep a journal.

Before i go further just lets stop up for a minute and look at this from another angle.

If you were to jog or swim for 50mins at a moderate pace you would burn around 500 kcal.

If i say to you that to be encouraged about the exercise and diet in order to lose 2 kilos per month, i would ask you to walk each day for around 30 minutes.

This way you would burn between 150 and 200 kcal.

Now this sounds good, not too demanding or strenuous. On your walk you pass the newsagents and you go in to buy a magazine or whatever and you happen to see a small bag of chips/crisps. It's only small and you are walking anyway so you feel you deserve this little reward. You buy the crisps and munch them on the way home. Wasn't that wonderful?

Of course it was but this does not make for a lifestyle change?

In addition you find out that this little bag of crisps which only weighed 100grams had an equivalent of 500kcals.

No need to be disappointed is there? after all you did get the exercise and that was positive. Very positive, you got your blood moving around your body. I agree that was very good but you are not going to lose weight.

If you don't lose weight on a diet you are going to become very disheartened over time and gradually you will fall back into your old habits of eating that crisp bag and another while watching television from the sofa.

You need to plan and plan over time.


Your carbohydrate consumption will be at an advantage if it comes from fiber rich foods like fruit, vegetables, beans and fullcorn products.

If you have been diagnosed with having high triglycerides this is not so good so your carbohydrate intake comes from the so called fast absorbing carbohydrates. These are foods which increase the blood sugar levels fast and used by diabetic type 1 patients when experiencing hypoglycemia.

If you are not being prescribed insulin or blood lowering sugar medication then hypoglycemia should not be too much of a problem for you.


There are good fats and bad fatsd in the blood if you want to learn more about this then i suggest you read about cholesterol. LDL and HDL. Which are low density and high density lipids.

You want to eat more of the so called good fats and less of the hard dangerous bad fats, actually you should not eat these at all if possible to avoid.

Good fats are found in fish, olives and nuts and advocados. In moderation these are very good for you they help to increase the HDL in your blood which in time can help prevent the build up of plaque in your arteries. This reduces the risk of heart attacks and also prevents against strokes.


Protein is found in many products, meat, nuts, eggs etc etc and it is very rare that anyone should need to have a protein supplement.

Protein is essential in our diet but it is not essential to go on a high protein diet to lose weight. When this is done it usually nmeans that one of the other essential groups of food are reduced drastically. For a healthy allround diet i do not advise this at all.

A well balanced diet is better in the long run.


Salt is something you should be very aware of. In too high quantities it can increase blood pressure and even damage the kidneys so a moderate intake of salt is always recommended.

Salt also holds the water content in the body giving you that blown up feeling. In other words as little salt as possible is best.

Many processed and tinned foods have very high salt contents so be aware of this.

The big question remains what should you eat to lose weight?

The best way to start is to get that journal out and a tape measure.

Measure around your waist, chest, hips, overarms, thighs, calves and ankles.

Measure your weight.

Make note of the month, weekdays, different body parts and weight and plot in the results.

Make a plan of exercise, do what you want to do, walk, run, jog, dance, swim, a combination , whatever as long as it entails moving. Try at least for half an hour. If this is too much break it dowwn to 3 times of 10 minutres or 2 times 15 minutes. It all counts for the daily activity.

If you for example chose walking then walk a bit faster than your normal pace feel that you begint to sweat a little. Make the effort to burn burn burn those calories.

Plot into your diary what you have done each day.

Over the next three days do not change your diet eat as normal but note down every single little bite. This includes that sweetie you picked up from the bowl on the way past!

We have all done it we know all of the little tricks but honesty is your weapon here.

At the end of the three days make an effort to find a calorie counter from the internet and plot in the results. This will let you see what your average intake is.

This is your starting point.

For the first week reduce this intake by 25% lowering it with 5% every week thereafter. Weigh yourself at the beginning and end of each week.

The idea is to reduce your calorie intake gradually while changing the types of food you eat. Be aware of high fats contra low fats.

Carbohydrate sources and generally just living healthier in an allround way.

Diets do not have to be so difficult but they are life savers and will prolong your life when respected.

Always drink alot of water this is so good for many reasons and it also can help fill up your tummy when extra hungry.

When i feel extra hungry i make this drink and love it.

1 pint of boiling water

1/4 tsp of ginger powder

2 teaspoons of runny honey

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Mix together let it cool and drink hope you like it as much as i do.

Good luck


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    • maggs224 profile image


      8 years ago from Sunny Spain

      An excellent hub I really enjoyed it, it has inspired me to get back in control of my eating. I must admit I don't pay much attention to what I put in my mouth outside of meal times and it show. lol


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