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Dieting for Children

Updated on March 13, 2010
Dieting for children is becoming more and more important with huge rises in childhood obesity over recent years.
Dieting for children is becoming more and more important with huge rises in childhood obesity over recent years.

Introduction to Dieting for Children

It's a well known fact that childhood obesity is a growing problem in to days society. To combat the growing trend of staying indoors ratherĀ  than running about outside, dieting for children is in increasingly important means to combating child obesity.

Dieting for children is not always easy, especially if they have been accustomed to eating anything they want. Getting your dieting children can be a difficult task, especially if they have stubborn tendencies.

Dieting for children does not always have to be a chore though, you can for plenty of tasty, yet healthy meals in low fat diets!

Dieting for Children

Strict diets rarely work with children, who will often find ways of circumventing those dietary rules. The best way to introduce dieting to children is to gradually use more and more healthy food in to their daily diet.

Many parents find that it can help to give children an occasional vegan or vegetarian meal, which is a great low fat way of bringing dieting to children, even when they normally avoid the salad. When using vegan recipes you can also use a variety of low fat meat substitutes to help wean children off unhealthy meals.

For those that have trouble giving up the meats it can often help to eat white meats rather than red meats. You might also want to cut down salad dressing, the amount of butter used on food, and reducing the number of fried products.

Healthy eating at home is not the only thing you should keep an eye on. Don't forget to stop eating at fast food restaurants such as MacDonalds or Burger King. In other restaurants why not replace that side of chips with a side of salad, the little things can make a huge difference in diets for children.

The important thing to remember however, is that fad diets can be harmful, and instead a children's diet should be improved by healthy eating, rather than a sudden weight loss treatment.

Diets for Children - Don't Forget the Sports!

Eating healthy is the obvious first step in dieting for children. Don't forget though, that as well as eating healthy, you will also need to encourage children to exercise to lose weight. This is not always easy, obese children will often be against any for of sports or exercise.

Exercise in the home is often the best solution, since there is no other people around to make your child feel self conscious. However it also means that you will have to help them gain teh initiative to work out every day.

The best option as part of dieting for children is to get your child interested in sports. This is not often something that obese children are interested, however if you get a child playing anyhing from soccer to basketball, you can often see a significant reduction in weight!


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    • rios65 profile image

      rios65 7 years ago from Lowell

      Yes this is a big problem now a days. Kids be overweight. It needs to stop.

    • profile image 7 years ago from Somewhere on the highway....

      I think having children eating more regular smaller meals and a fun exercise program will help out.As i am a track and field coach i know a little about diets,easy to make tasty meals can be made that are nearly fat free.