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Dieting part 2: The plan starts here

Updated on March 21, 2011

Easter slopes, I will be ready for you!

I love being outdoors, being able to ski without being exhausted takes alot on my part to stay fit. I need to work at that and i do!
I love being outdoors, being able to ski without being exhausted takes alot on my part to stay fit. I need to work at that and i do!

Here we go


This is the 4th entry of a diet i have followed for sometime. It is working well and the weight is falling, not only that it is staying off and i have lots of energy.  I am not on a fad diet, taking pills or powders. I am now entering a new phase where i will  document my results as i go along.

Welcome to the PLAN:

I weigh myself on the Wii as this stops me cheating, I can move my scales around the bathroom floor, which believe me or not can change my weight by up to 2 is true! And yes, i have been guilty of this on many occasions. The sad thing is that when i do that i am only cheating myself and what is the point in that?

For anyone reading this with new eyes i will mention that i have some people joining me on this venture so some of my comments will be directed to them.

I know everyone does not have the Wii but I saved hard for it and wouldn’t be without it for the world it has helped me through many days where i have struggled to start exercising, only to end up having fun and burning extra calories.

The wii has it’s own exercise programmes which are fun and you can do them together with your family to make it ful while slogging away.

My diet will consist of 1100 calories and I will log everything into a diet plan daily.

The diet will include:

2 litres of water each day

Plenty of green vegetables and salad

2 pieces of fruit each day

Milk limited to one glas each day

One cup of black coffee each day

One cup of tea each day

Meat such as chicken, turkey and steak




Cottage cheese




Paprika both green and red

Chillie peppers

Red onions

Bread but minimal

Orange and Apple juice


Olive oil

Lemons and limes

Beans and lentils

I will not include, sauces, salt, butter, spaghetti or rice during the diet period. If I am hungry I will add more fruit or vegetables.

I will not drink carbonated drinks including sugar free varieties. I will only drink fresh water if I am thirsty.

I will weigh everything and calculate the calorie energy value.

If I make soups I will use the ingredients above and only these ingredients, I will not add salty, tasty powders.

I will not include diet pills or shakes into this diet and all foods will be fresh and have no added preservatives.

I may follow some of the diet meals which I have in part 1 but I will most likely make variations with the ingredients above.

I will plan each meal so that includes fat, protein and carbohydrate

I will exercise for one hour each day.

My exercise will include light weight lifting to keep muscle tone but not for muscle building

I will run for at least 40 minutes four times in the week.

1 long slow run…..1 hour 15 minutes.

1 tempo run 40 minutes

12 cardio runs which will include hill running for 40 minutes

I will cycle on an indoor bike and use the rowing machine. Any other exercise will be programs and games on the wii.

I will try very hard not to eat after 7 o’clock in the evening although I must admit that this is a great weakness. If I am hungry I will only snack on apples or clementines.

That’s it I start today.

I will try to report each day on another blog taking photos etc. If not everyday at least two to three times each week.


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    • Aisla profile imageAUTHOR

      Carolyn Mikkelsen 

      7 years ago from Norway

      I sure will thank you!

    • lightning john profile image

      lightning john 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Just do It! Good luck! Lj


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