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Diets Don't Work - This is my story Of Personal Success

Updated on July 26, 2012

Diverting a bit from my business Hubs, I would like to share a personal success story with those out their dealing with a weight issue.

I just turned 48 years old on August 8th, 2010 and I must say my health is awesome. I started out early in life very skinny. My weight was never over 155lbs all through college. I played tennis, rode bike, and worked as a bus boy in a restaurant. I could eat till I dropped and never gained a pound.

Well, life took over and I will give you the short story. Two divorces later, I weighed 275lbs and was miserable. I tried every diet known to man. Here are some of the diets:


Weight Watchers

High Protein

Low Protein

Cabbage Soup


Every time a new “potion” came out, I had to have it. It got to be that my family thought of me as a joke. I would only lose 3-4 lbs and that was all. The weight always came back and I gained on top of that!

Me at 275lbs - YIKES


The interesting thing was that I did not drink soda or alcohol. However, I was discovering that I was eating emotionally and therefore, no matter what I did, I could never lose any weight.

One of my mentors suggested I get a personal trainer. Let me tell you,, I almost died. She made me run, run, run! I thought I was Forest Gump! My shins hurt so bad I could hardly walk. I did this for 4 months. No weight loss.

After all of that junk, I was still 275 lbs and gaining. No relief in site. I had met a girl in South America who is a personal trainer. My first reaction was, yikes! Here we go again. But somehow, I thought that this was going to be different. She looked at me and said, “You Won’t be needing that stomach anymore”. Wow, I wished that that would be the case!

In Panama - Very BIG!

What took place over the next year was simply amazing. I will not tell you the final results just yet, but I will tell you a story. I was back in the states in my office. A long term client popped his head into my office and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I was looking for Steve!”. Now, I have been doing this guy’s taxes for over 5 years. He said he thought Steve hired another person.

If I had to sum up the whole process in just one word, it would be PURPOSE.

I have always thought of myself as a positive person, but looking back, I guess I was not as positive as I thought. I also found out later that I was really grumpy and nasty towards some clients in Minnesota. To sum it up, I was not happy with my life and I had no real purpose. I was just going through the motions of life.

Now, I am not necessarily recommending that you turn your life upside down right away, but I absolutely had to. I was miserable and something had to give. So, I called it a day with my marriage and moved on. I had no idea what I was moving onto.

Going down! Still a little gut

It was amazing what happened next. Within 30 days after leaving, my appetite for certain foods disappeared. I no longer craved certain foods, mostly foods that contained high amounts of sugar. I then was introduced to exercise. I was not transformed overnight. Most people think that you have to do a whole heap of cardio and run, run, run. I was too heavy for that. I proved that with massive shin splints.

What I was introduced to was a class called Body Pump by Les Mills. It is an hour long class that works all muscles in your body. You can use no weights, small weights, or large weight. I started with minimal weights till I got all the moves down. What was amazing is that I started to lose weight almost right away. I did this once a week and worked up to two times after a few months.

The next class I was introduced to was Body Balance. I was a little put off because it was a combination of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates. I thought, YIKES, I am going to have to do all of these weird moves. What I found was that I sweated more in this class than the weight class! It was a very good class to stretch everything out.

In Reading, PA - July 2010

I was still, however, resisting the cardio. I watched people doing a bike class and I was not into going crazy! Now, we have all heard this before, yet 95% of the people do not do it. To lose weight, you have to diet and exercise. The problem, I believe, is the “d” word. This word has such a negative vibe to it. I ended up hating the word because no diets ever worked. Instead, I decided to just change my eating.

I was luck here because I was traveling in between the US and Australia. What I have found was that the food in Australia was much nicer than in the US. Surprisingly, you have more fresh food options in Australia. One would think that it would be the other way around. My taste buds were changing from processed food to fresh foods. One interesting nugget. We were in the US a few weeks ago and we picked up some Corn Flakes. The second ingredient was high fructose corn syrup (aka sugar). In Australia, they have Corn Flakes, but they contain no high fructose corn syrup. Hmmmmm….

Makes you wonder about what is really going on with our food! (that will have to be another hub!)

What’s interesting is that the more weight I lost, the more I wanted to exercise and eat less. I finally got into the bike class. It’s called RPM, another Les Mills program. I started out very slow. Just taking my time. I actually had to leave half way through the first class because I was to tired and could not go anymore.

My purpose was getting very clear. I went from a life of being miserable and somewhat depressed (although I thought I was happy) to a life that was unfolding with great potential. I was away from the person who I was allowing to make me feel bad about everything I did and in a relationship with a person who was supportive.

I had actually had a clear set of WRITTEN goals as to how my life was to unfold. I was realizing that my life was way out of balance in a lot of areas and it really only took one area being fixed to make all of the others easily fixable. A summary of what it was like is:

I was unhappy in my relationship

Tried fixing it, but could not.

I was working only to get by

I was avoiding exercise

I was eating to forget it all

So, no matter what “diet” I was on, it would not work. My body was under stress and it would not let go of the fat.

Once my life became stress free, it was easy to start the whole cycle of losing weight and getting fit.

I started the whole process about January of 2009. It is now August , 2010.

I started at:

275 lbs and still gaining

48 inch wait

XXXL Shirt

No goals/No purpose

I am at (and still losing!)

200 lbs and still losing

36 inch waist

L Shirt

Written goals/written purpose

Ran 5k Fun Run

Ran 14.1k Fun Run

Registered for the half-marathon 10/10/2010

I believe the key to being fit and healthy is to live a stress free life. But you say, “How do I do that in today’s society”. I used to get hung up by that “today’s” word a lot. But what I have found is that you can actually downsize your life so that it CAN be stress free.

You do not need a huge house.

You do not need two fancy cars.

You do not need designer clothes.

Your kids do not need to go to private school.

Your purpose does not have to be about all of the trappings of the world. I had written another hub called “What do you want?” and it is amazing the number of people that have read it, yet did not take they survey. It makes me believe that they are afraid to face reality. I can relate to that. I had not faced the reality that I had to leave for almost three years. I had expressed my unhappiness only to deaf ears. Why not have a look at that hub and tell me what you want! Thanks in advance.

At the present moment, my partner and I are working on a package called the “Health, Wealth, and Happiness Program”. We both have decided that our purpose in life is to assist people in these areas so that they can live the life they deserve. If you want to be on the list for updates, simply send me an email to and ask to be put on the list and we will keep you updated.

The only question you have to ask yourself is this, “Do I deserve to be happy, healthy, and wealthy?”

I hope the answer is , “YES”.

You can also learn to get fit & healthy the way I did by going to and learn all of the information needed!!!!

Till then


Let Healthy Harry Get You Fit!

Me & Leanne at The City 2 Surf 14k


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    • createmyeconomy profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from USA, Australia

      Thanks Helen!!!

    • profile image

      Helen Jackson 

      8 years ago

      Steve, I love it. I am so glad that you have embraced a program that is working for you. I truly understand how you wake up the next morning wondering what happened to the person in the mirror. Body snatchers...You look great!


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