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Difference between Diets and Detox Diets

Updated on July 13, 2013

Detoxification to Cleanse the Whole Body From Inside

Most likely in the latest headlines you might have seen news about the celebrities looking perfect in some party or get together.

These celebrities follow a strict diet regime including some of the healthiest food items available in the markets.

Detoxification is required to cleaning the body from inside the similar way as bathing is required for skin.

Humans need to purify their internal body organs as well, and the technique used to do this is called detoxification.

Selection of the most appropriate detoxification plan is something which will determine the success or failure of the act.

Every individual has some unique biological features which are to be considered while choosing a diet plan, or an exercise regime or even a detoxification plan in case.

One simple way to eat healthy and detox your body is to go on a juice fast for a day or two, or to just learn how to juice for health.

Types of Detox Plans

Some of the very popular natural Detox diets available are like:

  • Liquids diets including lemon spice drinks for a week’s time.
  • Semi solid diets including only raw vegetable puree for duration of twenty one days.

Detoxification can also be done through artificial medicines too, but using the natural detoxification elements seems to be a much better way to cleanse the body organs from inside.

To perfectly judge how good a Detox plan is you need to understand how good it makes you feel from within.

If a particular Detox plan makes you feel terrible and irritated somehow then it might have been one of the bad Detox plans for you.

Different people respond differently to every other Detox plan, but only a few come up to the level of universal application and reliability.

The principle behind any Detox plan is to shift to eating natural, healthy and unprocessed foods only.

Eating high calorie and processed foods will make the body more prone to allergies and ailments in normal life.

Difference between Dieting and Detoxification

Unlike dieting, while you are on a Detox plan, you won’t feel hunger pangs. Instead it will make you keep on bouncing with energy all the time.

But if you have had a bad and unhealthy eating lifestyle previously, then you may feel extreme hunger cravings or may be withdrawals from some particular type of foods and substances.

The main categorization of these plans is done on the basis of the number of days it is to be carried out.

Like you can have a Detox diet for twenty one days, or a week’s time, or for just three days even.

There are many one-day Detox plans as well, but not everyone is fit to undergo such plans, as there might be other risks due to individual health status.

There are many Detox plans which require only liquid diets for one day period, under which no solid or even semi-solid food is allowed to be consumed by the subject.

This way all the toxins will get flushed out from the body pretty soon. Following a Detox plan carefully and exactly is required to make it a success.

Don’t let distractions to sidetrack your plans. Individuals with stressful life might find it difficult to cope up with their life’s pressure along with such a strict diet plan, to detoxify the body.

But trust me, detoxification not only cleanses your body from inside but it also relieves the mental stress up to a great extent.

The chemicals made in the body due to excessive stress will all get flushed out through detoxification.

Comments: Have you ever tried a detox diet?

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    • profile image

      Sally 6 years ago

      Didn't know that, Good one!

    • The Pink Panther profile image

      The Pink Panther 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      I've been on a 'regular' diet before, but I've never tried a detox diet! It sounds really healthy to just spend a little time to totally clense your body from the inside! I think I might try a lemon splice detoxifier, I know a lot of people have recommended it! :)