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Difference between food and nutrition

Updated on March 28, 2012

It is vital to know the difference between food and nutrition, because although both terms are often used interchangeably, they refer to different things as nutrition determines the relationship between food and health. Nutrition is the biological process in which the organism assimilates food and fluids necessary for smooth operation. Feeding, in contrast, consists in the choice of foods, so that determines your dietary habits and your lifestyle.

Among the main differences between food and nutrition is the proper balance between:

Proportions: The daily energy requirements vary according to your physical activity does not need as many calories if you exercise, that if it is a completely sedentary life, so the first thing to be well nourished, is ingest the appropriate ratio according to your weight, age, sex and lifestyle.

Protein, vitamins and minerals: Proteins play an extremely important in nutrition, since virtually all biological processes depend on their presence. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients the body needs to get by direct ingestion, and both its deficiency and its excess can cause disease.

Water consumption: correct hydration is based on the pure water consumption, No additives of any kind, no sugar or flavors although they are of natural origin. Eight glasses of water a day are essential for proper functioning of the organism.

Dietary Fiber: Found in plant foods such as cereals, fruits, vegetables and legumes. Since it can not be digested directly, passes almost intact the digestive and has a debugging feature in the health and the body.

Since ancient times it was recognized the difference between food and nutrition, And of course the first intimate relationship with health. Hippocrates said that food was typical of the medicine. A bad choice in dietary factors directly associated with diseases such as Diabetes, Osteoporosis, obesity and many others, including certain cancers. Excessive consumption of saturated fatty acids and high cholesterol remain serious health problems.

To set a parameter of the best food is to feed following the food pyramid. The base of the pyramid is represented by cereals or grains especially grains. Groups decreases towards the apex of the pyramid, where the fats, oils and sugars to be consumed in moderation to achieve a level of optimal health.


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