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Difference between yogasana and exercise

Updated on March 25, 2016

Light on Yoga




Raja - Yoga

Raja yoga is the exploration of controlling alterations or musings, ceaselessly ascending in the brain. At the point when the fretful personality is brought under controlling through the act of contemplation, it produces colossal. Before all else of creation, Prajapati rehearsed reflection to procure the force of creation.

Patanjali, an incredible yogi and author of the Yoga arrangement of reasoning has wonderfully clarified the entire array of human brain science. His work is referred to worldwide as Patanjali Yoga Sutras (Yoga adages of Patanajali). His experimental methodology, pragmatic rules and great strategies of controlling personality are massively helpful to the seekers of truth. By, the reason for Yoga practices is to capture the mental changes, which at last prompts the experience of Samadhi. His eightfold (Ashtanga Yoga) is an imperial route for accomplishment of otherworldly illumination.

Consistent routine of reflection not just helps us to unravel our awesome nature additionally helps us in our everyday exercises. It helps understudies to enhance their energy of memory and focus furthermore mental and physical well being. Indeed, even experts, officials, lawmakers, businesspeople can drive massive advantage from the act of contemplation. It enhances clarity of considering, force of separation, productivity in work, ability to take brisk choices, mental quality and life, which is exceptionally crucial to finish coveted objectives in life. Without that our eager personality will prompt misery, strain, dissatisfaction , feeling of inadequacy and other mental issues.


The sages and yogis of India were not the slightest bit not exactly the present day researchers. Present day researchers are scanning for truth in the outer world, and are attempting to discover solidarity in matter. The antiquated sages, then again, focused their energies inside, found significant profound truths and arrived at the conclusion a very long time back that there is solidarity basic the obvious assorted qualities.

All the while, they found five unique sheaths or covers going from the gross to the unpretentious and the subtler, till achieved the deepest celestial soul.

Inside of the physical sheath is the crucial sheath; inside of the fundamental sheath is the mental sheath; inside of still is the scholarly sheath; or the specialists sheath, and still inside is the euphoric sheath or the Enjoyer sheath. This progression of the inside of the other is the hollow that covers the Atman.

The Exercise


Exercise does not provide enough attention to breathing

Following aspects are lernt

  1. Difference between Yogasana and exercise

  2. Understanding the meaning and importance of Pranayama

  3. Preparation for pranayama practice

Difference between yogasana and exercise – Yoga and exercises are the two faces of a same coin. Yoga and exercises are essential to every human being for maintaining physical fitness and mental health. Yoga reveals and develops internal resources where as exercise strengthens muscle and improves physical fitness.

A. Yoga is performed effortlessly/ yoga gives attention to breathing.

B. Exercise is performed with effort repeatedly. Exercise does not provide enough attention to breathing.

Termsrelated to pranayama

Pooraka - Inhaling oxygenated air

Rechaka – Exhaling de- oxygenated air

Kumbaka – Breathe holding

Pranayama is a fourth facet of Astanga Yoga. It is a conscious practice of inhalation, exhalation and breath control. Patanjali describes Pranayama as the process of inhaling and exhaling in a stable-sitting posture (Sthirasana) in his Yogasastra book.

Higher amount of oxygen inhaled during Pranayama initiates several chemical reactions within the body. Oxygen is the basis for all activities in the universe. Pranayama plays an important role in supplying vital energy to every body part.

Yoga asana


Importance of Pranayama

a)Pranayama plays an important role in supplying fresh blood to the organs ; nerves, brain, spinal cord and heart muscles. This develops a person's efficiency.

b) Pranayama cleanses respiratory tract and helps in retaining the functioning of the body parts. This reduces dizziness caused due to imbalance in acid base balance.

c) It helps in improving perception, digestion, memory power. It releases mind from the control of body and stimulates intellect.

d) Cool and composed mind can be achieved through regular practice of Pranayama.

e) Pranayama facilities intake of oxygen and exhalation of carbon dioxide in higher quantities.

f) The Systematic and Rhythmic process of breathing in Pranayama asana

Preparation for practice of Pranayama

i) Morning or the evening are suitable time to practice Panayama.

ii) Pranayama should be practised be emptied prior to Pranayama practice.

iii) Practising in empty stomach is suitable.


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