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Differences Between Acuvue 2 & Acuvue Advance Eye Contacts

Updated on May 27, 2011
acuvue eye contact
acuvue eye contact

There are so many people out there with some eye problems and they want to get over their eye problems. Nowadays, these people with problematic eyes can find a cure thanks to theJohnsonand Johnson Vision Care that has invented a product known as The Acuvue Eye Contacts. These eye contacts can protect your eyes from so many problems you may have. Not only is it capable of healing your eye problems but The Acuvue Eye Contacts is also able to give your eyes a more attractive looking. Today, there are two kinds of Acuvue eye contacts for people to choose from. They are Acuvue 2 & Acuvue Advance. Let’s take a look the Acuvue 2 first.

What Is Acuvue 2?

Introduced back in the year 1999, the Acuvue 2 has been one of the world’s most sought after hydrogel contact lens. Besides they are comfortable to put on, the Acuvue 2 eye contact lenses are also capable of enhancing the vision of the people with problematic eyes quite significantly. In addition to that, the user will not get into any difficulties at all when they try to either apply or remove the Acuvue 2 eye contact lens.

What Is Acuvue Advance?

These eye contacts have an affordable price, they can usually be obtained at less than $19. There is also a 24-lens package that you may find pretty handy for your annual supply of the Acuvue Advance eye contact lens. The Acuvue Advance is an innovative eye contact lens that comes with the HYDRACLEAR®Technology and ULTRA-CLEAN™ Technology.

Similarities Between Acuvue 2 & Acuvue Advance Eye Contacts

Both kinds of the eye contacts have some similarities although they may also be different at some points. These eye contacts must be changed with a new pair every 2 weeks or bimonthly. Not only that, they have similar water content which is theEtafilconAin about 58% concentration. Both of them also come with the visibility tint, it makes it easier for the user to put it on.

Differences Between Acuvue 2 & Acuvue Advance Eye Contacts

Acuvue Advance was produced before the Acuvue 2 even made it onto the drawing board as a concept. The Acuvue Advance was created back in the year 1987. It is still one of the world’s most popular eye contact lenses brand available on the global market. Acuvue 2, on the other hand, is manufactured at a wide scale. However, though, the position of the original Acuvue is still quite firm on the global market these days as they are still one of the most sought after eye contact lenses. Then, the Acuvue 2 has been modified by making the height of the overall lens thinner while making its mid-periphery higher at the same time. This modification is intended to make the Acuvue 2 eye contact lens more comfortable to put on compared to the original product.


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