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Cure yourself with miracle bath

Updated on August 30, 2015

Bath Tub

Self- help

Benefits of taking A different kind of Bath for curing different aliments and diseases

Though, you take a bath regularly but there are also some particular methods of taking a bath and you can reap it's benefits and can relax and fill your body and mind with renewed freshness and agility.
Here are some of those new beneficial ways of taking bath.
1)Waist Bath
The Waist bath is is best suited for stomach related diseases. There are ample number of
of diseases arising from the stomach. If you treat them in it's initial stage, you can protect yourself from many diseases related to stomach . It is called Kati shanan in Hindi,For this bath fill a big bath tub with water. The water level should be kept as such that your hips may dip into it and the water may cover the stomach above your naval button. The tub should be filled in such a way that one may sit in it with comfort. Fill fresh and Luke warm water in the tub suited according to the weather. To start with, you can sit within it for five to ten minutes. Gradually you can increase to 30 mintues. Wrap a towel around your waist and rub your body below the naval button from right to left and then from left to right with your hands so that the food that has accumulated in your intestines gradually loosens and shed out with the rest of the residue and stool so that the stomach becomes light and normal and provide relaxing effect .Its important to remember, that only that part of the body below the naval gets soaked in water in the tub and the rest of the body should not get wet else it will loose its significance of wait bath.
To get the benefit of this waist bath, let the person lie after the bath and cover his body with a thick over cover or a blanket to keep the body warm .A healthy person should do some exercise or brisk walk after taking the bath so as to warm up your body. Kati Snan or Waist bath helps to reduce obesity, eradicate constipation from your body and many several related stomach disorders get cured. It cures indigestion and helps to improve the capacity of your digestive system and also cleanses the large and small intestines of a person.
Leg bath
Leg bath is another bath which helps to improve on various aliments related to the legs
The Leg bath is highly beneficial for your legs and calves. For this bath, take tolerable warm water in a bucket and take another bucket of water with regular normal temperature. Add some salt and squeeze some lemon juice in the hot water bucket. Then put your legs below the knees in this water and sit on a stool with a towel wrapped around your body. When the temperature of the water receds and become normal,pick your dipped leg and shift it in the normal water.Take this leg bath for approximately twenty to thirty minutes. This bath is mostly beneficial for the stiffness of legs, pain in the calves, for coughs, chronic catarrh and heaviness of head or temple.
Genitals'bath :
This bath is called mehan shnan and is more beneficial particularly for women but even gents can reap the benefit of this bath. During this bath, the genitals are kept dipped into the water and washed with that water. For this bath, half fill the tub withwater. Keep a wooden stool on it with a dry surface and sit in the tub, keep your legs apart.Then dip soft and clean pieces of cloth in water and clean very slowly the genitals or the external part of the penis. Keep it in mind that, don’t rub these organs with the cloth. This bath cures the menstrualproblems, Leucorrhoea and other stomach disorders in
the women.

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