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Interpretation of Sex Dreams

Updated on December 5, 2017
Sudip Choudhury profile image

Sudip is an Electronics Engineer. He has also been studying dream interpretation since last 1 year.


What is dream?

There are many types of dreams and every dream has its own meaning. It is a different matter that according to the world of science it is merely a chemical imbalance. Or they terminate the cause of dreams by saying that in the dream we see what we think in the entire day or whatever we want in our life.

But it is not so ... If it is true, then, why do we see the news of the death of someone in our dreams? Can we think of someone's death in ourselves? Apart from this, there are also dead people in the dream which goes by saying something strange things. What could have been the meaning of their coming?

Dream Interpretation

After all, we can say that the world of dreams is very strange. When and how do we see the dream while our eyes are closed ... we do not even know this. Why do these dreams come in, we don't know. But yes, With the help of some classical facts, the cause of the dream can be known.

It is possible with the help of classical and ancient genres, just right knowledge is needed. For example, it is said that seeing jewels in a dream is related to getting married soon. It is also said that if you get the news of someone's death in the dream, then the age of that particular person increases. There are also many interpretations of the arrival of dead relatives in the dream. For example, if a dead person comes into your dream and is very angry, it means he wants something from you.

But on the contrary, if the deceased person is happy, then his soul is very satisfied. But you should continue to donate from time to time in their names.


Sexual dreams

There are many dreams that bother us, and when we wake up, we ask ourselves the same question, 'After all, why such a dream came?.' Well, in this article I will discuss such dreams and tell you the real meaning behind them.

Our theme is 'Sex in the Dream' ... Whether the incident is happening with us, with someone else or even if we are thinking about sex in the dream, all of them has a meaning. This happens with many people and is quite common. But it is a dream that makes the person even more surprised.

If you see any scary dreams or dream of someone's death, you will succeed in forgetting some time later, but experts say that the dream associated with sex is such that the idea of ​​forgetting is quite far away. For a long time, a person does not understand why he had such a dream.

Some people say that they have seen others dream of having sex in sleep. Some say that they have seen their relatives in this state. But the most strange thing is to find himself in such a state during the dream. It is really strange to hear and see, but these dreams have a meaning.

Sex with partner

If you are having sex with your spouse or lover in your dream, then it can have two different meanings. Either the relationship between you two is going well or you are not getting all that you want from your partner.

Some experts believe that such dreams come because you are unable to enjoy it in real life. Or you are also unable to bring these feelings to your heart. Sexologists say that if such a dream comes, then you should talk to your partner and try to find out the reason.


Sex with former partner

Those who had such relationships in the past, but for some reason, it is not possible now, may have dreams of having sex with former partners. If you have sex with your former partners in the dream, then there can be three reasons for it - the first is that your sex life has been very good with the old lover/girlfriend. The second reason is that your unconscious mind compares your new partner with the old partner, although it may not do consciously. The third and the last reason relate to your needs. If you are single and you are having such a dream, then it means that you are missing sex or your former partner.

Sex in office

It is quite strange, but people have experienced it too. If you find yourself in your dream in this state with an employee or a boss, then do not start running from them the next day. There is no mistake in it, the only meaning of such dreams is that the person with whom you had sex in the dream is an inspiration to you and you can learn a lot from them.

Sex with your favorite star

We do not want to lose a chance to go on a date with our favorite star, to meet them or to talk to them. But doing sex with them in the dream, isn't it too much? If you have such a dream, then you should be careful, because this dream refers to your personal life. If you have sex with any of your favorite stars in your dream, then it means that you are looking for more in your partner. You weigh the star's look and success with the qualities of your partner.

Sex with stranger

If you ever see a dream of having sex with a stranger whom you have never seen before, then it means that you have to take some important decisions in your real life. You will have to improve your sex life in reality, and talk openly about it to your partner.

Sex With Same-sex

It may not have happened to you, but no one has any control over dreams. If you dream of having an intimate relationship with the same sex, then, it may mean that you are not straight towards sex.

If you think that your choice of sex is a straight man or woman, then this is your confusion. If this dream has come to you again and you feel that you are also attracted to homosexuals in your real life, then it means that you should think about your sex priorities again.

Sex with more than one person

Those who date more than one person in real life and also make a physical contact with them, perhaps it is not a big deal for them. But for those of the One Man Woman or the One Woman Man, such a dream is no less than a shock. But do not panic, if you have such a dream, then it only points towards your sexual desires. That is, you are not really sexually happy in real life, so these desires are being fulfilled in your dream.


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