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Different kinds of food contain different things essential to our body

Updated on March 1, 2016

Priyanka go to the gym four times a week


Energy requirements of the body

Our body needs energy to carry on the various activities of life. We get this energy by eating food. Our food should be such that it provides sufficient energy for all the daily activities of life. If we take less food, the energy provided will be insufficient, and if we take excess food, then too much energy will create problems. Both the situations, less food or excess food, lead to sickness.

The energy requirements of the body depend on various factors like age, sex, amount of work done (occupation), special situations like pregnancy and action, and finally on the amount of heat lost by the body (as in cold weather).

The food performs the following functions in or body

1) It provides energy to do work and to maintain body hear.

2) It provides materials for the growth of the body

3) It provides materials for the repair of damage cells and tissues of our body

4) It makes materials necessary for reproduction, and,

5) It regulates body process to maintain life

Having given the functions of food, we should now know the meaning of the term `nutrition'. A nutrition is an organic or inorganic substance required for the survival of a living being. In most simple terms, a nutrition can be said to be a particular type of food. The human beings need a regular supply of food. Food contains nutrition like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals salts and vitamins. The nutrients are needed to build the living substance of the body tissues and are a source of energy used in all vital process (like work of the muscles, nervous activity and contraction of hear, etc).

The taking food

When taken in through the mouth, it should digest easily and provide the necessary materials and energy to the body. Further, it should not cause harm to the body.

Healthy food


Healthy girl


Energy enable us to move, grow, and reproduce

Eat the good food for long living healthy and happy. Take the fresh food keep the body strong and active. Water also is important, take the sufficient water help with easy digestion. Two things are most important for the man. One is health and second is wealth. taking care about health is the main part of the daily life. So need proteins and minerals in food. Taking food, which is needed, how much necessary. It is called balanced diet.

Every living organism, including humans needs energy. Energy enable us to move, grow, and reproduce. Is this the only purpose of food? The purposes of food are mainly three fold. Food promotes growth, supplies energy and furnishes materials for the repair of body parts. Every breath, every thought, every movement, wears out some portion of our body. Various vital processes remove the worn and useless particles. The body compensates for these losses by constantly renewed supply of materials through food and drink.

Human body


Pala chicken

Different functions require different materials

Our body has to carry out many functions. Different functions require different materials. Even if we get enough food to fill our stomach, we can be unhealthy. This is because we do not get all essential elements from just one type of food. Hence, we need to eat different kinds of food to get all of the things we need for the body.

Food contains nourishing substances called nutrients. Nutrients are the ultimate nourishing chemicals found in food. They keep our body fit and active. Different kinds of food contain different things essential to our body. The food menu also contains constituents that do not supply any nutrients. These non- nourishing materials are, however essential to our body. Hence, they should form an integral part of our food. They include fibres and water.

Scientists have identified many nutrients in our food. Each of these has a specific function. There are three major nutrients. The energy giving nutrients, protective nutrients and the nutrients of body building. You have studied in your earlier classes about these nutrients. Knowing about nutrients, their sources and functions add purpose to our eating habits. Further, it helps us to choose the kinds of food we eat.


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