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Digestion and Dieting Partner: Tripala Guggulu

Updated on February 20, 2013

Make Your Own


Tripala Guggulu

Tripala Guggulu is a combination of herbal fruits and purified tree sap. If the tree sap idea throws you do remember that maple syrup is boiled and purified tree sap too!

When you purchase either the powder or the capsules do make sure the contents are from wild crafted sources. Like anything you choose to put in your body, you want the best quality.

Traditional uses of tripala guggulu include:

· Obesity

· Chronic constipation

· Inflammation

· Irritable bowel

· High Cholesterol levels

· Fistula and piles

· Sinus congestion

· Arthritis

· Allergies

· Boils

The properties within tripala guggulu that allow for these traditional uses are all indicated by the herbs that support both the colon and the liver. If the user can tone both the liver and the colon, they can expect better elimination and the reduction of toxins that cause the above list of ailments.

Tripala guggulu will help balance your metabolic functions as well.

All the stuff to make your own!
All the stuff to make your own! | Source

First How to Make Your Own Capsules

Mix the capsules to contain 1/3 guggulu to 2/3 tripala. Use a capsule making tool as pictured. Make sure you purchase the right size of gelatin capsules to fit in to the capsule maker that you own.

Fill per the instructions on your capsule maker.

Take two capsules every evening before going to bed. It should be used for three months as it works slowly but effectively within the body. It is not habit forming.

The reason you would make your own is to save a great deal of money.

Here are the capsules for sale.

Ayurvedic Philosophy on Health

Here is a short primer on the Traditional Indian health care system of Ayurvedic.

The traditional health care system that is from the India sub-continent is called Ayurvedic. Ayurvedic is structured around a philosophy of maintaining total health rather than waiting until you are ill to take action.

Allopathic medicine is the medicine of correcting ill health. It has a different philosophical base. This is not what we are delving into at this time.

The whole idea of Ayurvedic is to create environments around and inside the body that keep you healthy and well.

This is a good book to read about Ayurvedic Philosophy.


Digestion is your first line of defense in most forms of disease.

If you reduce the ingestion of harmful foods and substances and if you support your digestive system in eliminating wastes, you are helping your body to become healthy.

Part of your digestive tract includes the colon. A healthy and toned colon will aid in the elimination of bodily wastes. There are three methods that the body uses to eliminate waste; they include the bowels, the kidneys, and lung exhalation.

It only makes sense to help those systems remain healthy and functioning.


Colonoscopies, the physical viewing of the large bowel, are recommended by most doctors for people over the age of 50. They are used to find and treat cancer.

One by product of taking the medicine required to clean out the bowel before the medical procedure of the colonoscopy is difficulty achieving normal bowel function and proper bowel flora after the procedure. Often weeks go by and the bowels are not functioning as they did before. This, of course, assumes the bowels were performing satisfactorily before the colonoscopy!

Here are two methods that may help the bowels return to their proper elimination schedules. Consuming a good quality of yogurt or kefir is helpful in returning the bowel to a healthy state. Often the patient takes a few weeks to return to normal bowel elimination. Tripala guggulu may be added in the form of two pills per evening.

Dr Weil on Ayurvedic Medicine

Dr. Andrew Weil, celebrated integrative medical doctor, also studied Ayurvedic Medicine. Here is a web site that will provide his information on Ayurvedic Medicine:

Call Your Doctor!

Always, always, always go see your regular doctor when any health problem arises. When you are sick, go see your regular doctor! Self diagnosis is not a good idea!


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      sdzulu 5 years ago

      This sounds like something that could be used to support health and is not intrusive or burdensome to do.