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Digestive Disorders And There Natural Cure.

Updated on May 16, 2010

Digestion- an overview of what goes inside us

A clear understanding of the digestive processes that go on in the human body is vital to the understanding of the disorders from which digestion suffers. The major disorders proposed to be covered in this hub is weak digestion, dyspepsia or slackness of the digestive processes which are known in indigenous medicine as being caused by what is called mandagni .

Incorporation of food in human body is accomplished by a three-fold process of the digestion, absorption and assimilation. Digestion begins the moment food enters the mouth. It mixes with the saliva and is made more permeable for the gastric juice which exudes from the openings of the tiny glands of the stomach. The gastric juice consisting of pepsin and rannin breaks down the protiens into smaller molecules. The churning of the stomach mixes the food with the gastric juices and the hydrochloric acid and when it becomes soluble it passes through the pylorus, an orifice at the lower end  of the stomach, into the bowel. The more light food, the easier to digest.

After it passes into the intestine, the food is exposed to the action of bile, pancreatic juice, intestinal juices and bacteria. These juices contain many elements which break down the food into the final products. The only substance absorbed from the stomach to any extent is alcohols; all other substances must undergo the transformation that takes place in the intestines. Food materials are absorbed almost exclusively by the small intestine; water and salt through the colon, the large intestine. The food is passed down the intestine by the contraction of its muscular coat . the indigestible residue, together with various substances which are waste matter excreted from liver and the intestinal walls is thrown out of the body in the stools.

Assimilation is a much slower process. The blood circulates through every organ and each takes from it what is necessary for its own growth and repair. The cells in the bones extract lime salts, muscles sugar and protein and so forth.  The greater bulk is assimilated by the muscles.

 The fundamental digestive disorder is indigestion or dyspepsia which may give rise to more acute or serious disease. The basic cause for it beside weak digestive system is , over eating or eating foods that should have been avoided. Stools of such persons contain large amounts of undigested matter. They suffer from flatulence arising from putrefying matter in the stomach or the intestines. Breaking wind or belching may provide temporary relief, but there is generally  a feeling of fullness amounting to loss of appetite. Sometimes hyper acidity presence of more acid in the stomach that is normal - may cause a burning sensation. Overburdening of the stomach , the root cause of indigestion, has to be avoided in order to start the treatment.

Remedies for digestive disorders

 The cardinal remedy for dyspepsia is light food ; it would be better if the patient takes to fasting for 24 hours and then takes to easily digestable, natural food. Fats and condiments must be avoided. bland and butter-milk ( churned curd with water added ) should be taken. Condiments and seasoning make food more palatable and there is the ever-present risk of over eating which gives birth to this disorder. That is why I recommend bland food. Excess of food, like every thing else, is bad . You must avoid over eating , this the first step towards the cure.

 The patient can get permanent relief if he increases his body heat, through vigorous exercise. Indigestion is the disease of the sedantry : active and brisk people generally do not suffer from the malady. You may not be able to withstand the temptation of a second helping, but you can expend your energy through exercise which may be light in the beggining. Take a walk if you feel equal to vigorous exercise. Jog along, if you can and if there is grassy lawn around your house, walk on the dew covered grass.

Avoid rice if you can , if you cann't avoid rice take it with vegetables. Take fruits in-between the meals. Masticate your food properly so taht it mixes well with the saliva. Take adequate quantity of water.

Alcohol and smoking should be avoided as much as possible. If meat is taken it should be scraped down and should be free from fat.

Dyspepsia of a nervous origin, that is caused due to tension and worries , could be treated in these line along with these the patient should avoid thinking of these these conditions and should stay cheerful.


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