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Eating For Free

Updated on November 6, 2017
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Digital Diet

What is digital dieting? You have to live off only what you can find on the internet. You are on a virtual scavenger hunting for food. Cyber for your supper. Electronically foraging for your evening meal.

Stale Electrons?

What can you find to eat on the internet you might well ask? Stale Electrons? Wayward packets?

What's for dinner on the internet? Plenty. Consider the lowly donut. National Donut Day is observed in may locales by the giving and receiving of free fat pills--I mean donuts.

On Veterans day, veterans can eat free.

On your birthday, lots of places will give you free food.

And where do you find which restaurants and establishments that will give you free food for various national observances? The internet of course!

Every month there are any number of National food days. Look for free food offers associated with those days.

Free Samples

But that only takes care of a few days and besides, a lot of the free stuff isn't even a whole meal. Even if you hit every donut shop in town on free donut day, that's not a healthy dinner.

Fortunately, there's a back up system. You can get free samples sent to your house. The internet is full of clubs and websites that will tell you how to get manufacturers to send samples of free food stuffs to your house.

Mind you, much of what gets sent to your house will be starchy and sugary but you will get your requisite 2000 calories per day and you will stay alive merely by what you found on the internet.

Free with a Coupon

Getting veggies free can be so difficult that I recommend you put more effort into reducing the cost of veggies you buy rather than trying to actually get them free.

That being said, the promised land of free vegetables is not forbidden to you. You may enter, if you can find it. One of the paths to vegetable righteousness is the concept of free with a coupon. Find coupons that will cover the cost of your veggies and your get them for free. Find the coupons by searching the net.

Still, it is generally easier to find veggies on sale, or to find a buy get one free sale, or to just get a reduced cost via coupons.

If you live near a farming community, ask the farmers if they allow gleaning and if so when. You can get some free veggies that way.

Ask produce markets and restaurants if you can collect the bruised or substandard fruits and vegetables they are going to throw away anyway. If you find the farmers and the restaurants on the Internet, you are still following the rules of cyber gleaning. Email the farmers and restaurants to maintain your cyber bonafides.

Smart Food

I went to a PhD defense thesis once. They served free food afterward. They did not ask me who I was or what I was doing there. So if you can look studious and not be bored by really deep, deep talk of experiments, statistics, and experimental statistics, then a thesis defense might be your ticket to free vittles!

Corporate Food

All over America companies, corporations and organizations are sending out for food and not eating it all. Mind you the left overs are bound to be veggies and cheese whiz--stuff that most folks would just as soon pass up. Also, you had better have a high tolerance for picked over food. And then there's the highest barrier, lots of companies require you to have proper identification before they let you roam their hallways scrounging for free food. You might have to do something horrific like--get a job!

Hotel Food

I have been to several hotels where they serve free breakfast and even some where they serve free happy hour appetizers. There are any number of places in America where if you look like you know what you are doing or you look like you belong, no one questions where you go and what you do. It also helps when you are trying to score free hotel meals to not look like bum. You should look at least business casual. No jeans. Nothing ragged or worn and nothing with holes in it.

Free Food!

What is your favorite way to get free food?

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