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Discover How Fabulous You Are

Updated on June 16, 2009


It dawned on me the other day when I was creating the latest video for my video blog, Forty-Something Gay that I think what comes easy to us we tend to take for granted. I started a series on explaining gay icons and what I discovered was how much I knew about certain old Hollywood celebrities and how natural it was for me to talk on camera about them. (See the first in the series here… Now I’m not talking about jobs or cars or something material. What I’m talking about are our innate abilities that I think we take for granted. That’s right, believe it or not, even though you may not think you have talent (a lot of people equate the word, “talent” to mean you can sing, dance or juggle a ball on your nose, this is not the type of talent I’m talking about here) the truth is that if you take some time I think you’ll discover you have talents that make you who you are and good at a lot of things. Discover how fabulous you are – Don’t Get Me Started!

The thought process began a while ago for me. You see, what I tend to take for granted or think is, “Gee, I’m nothing special. Anyone could do what I do.” I realized is not the truth. I used to have an expression when I was doing theatre. It was, “Everyone is replaceable and usually by a trained animal.” But the truth of the matter is that this simply isn’t so. Although I didn’t spend years and years in an academic setting, I learned that the most precious things I know are things that just came natural to me, that are almost a part of my DNA but because they come so easily to me, I tend to make the mistake in thinking everyone else can do what I can do. That’s where our thinking (and low self esteem monitors) go way off the charts.

For example, if you gave me a piece of music and forty kids I could choreograph and teach a number in about an hour. It would take in the complexities of the kids being at different levels of dancing ability, create patterns and movement that not only filled the stage but would use the accents in the music to make it all make sense. This is just how I “see” music. When I listen to a piece of music whether it is on the radio or on my iPod, I see a body (or bodies) moving to it and almost as if it’s my subconscious doing it, I just choreograph the number in my head. For years I worked with both professional dancers and kids who had no training at all in theatres, studios and school systems.  But the thing is that because it comes so easily to me, I think that anyone must be able to do what I do. If I take the time to think about it, I know this is not the case but my initial reaction is the above.

So, how do you figure out just how fabulous you are? Don’t take what you do (or more to the point the things that you can do) for granted. I’ve always been bad at math. The year my brother was third in the state for mathematics I failed geometry. I can add a group of numbers up six times and get six different totals. I can’t draw a straight line even with a ruler. I’ve tried and tried but no luck. The same can be said for cutting anything – never a straight line. These may not seem like a big deal to you but I can assure you they are annoying as hell to me and anyone who can do any of the above I think is as talented as the Spielberg is at making movies.

Stephen Sondheim wrote a song that I think explains someone who doesn’t understand just how talented they are and at the same time longs to be able to do what they think everyone else can do but they can’t, Anyone Can Whistle. Some of the lyrics are, “Anyone can whistle, that’s what the say – easy. Anyone can whistle, any old day – easy. It’s all so simple. Relax, let go, let fly. So someone tell me why can’t I?...What’s hard is simple, what’s natural comes hard. Maybe you could show me how to let go, lower my guard, earn to be free. Maybe if you whistle, whistle for me.”

So here’s a partial list from me:

·         I can troubleshoot most situations – having worked in live theatre, I can usually assess a situation and make changes as needed to at least get things back on track – on stage and in life

·         I can teach, choreograph and direct people – this is not only in my theatre days but as I became a Director of Training in the corporate world, I discovered that it wasn’t all that different from teaching a four year old how to tap and a CEO how to understand communication or other techniques.

·         I’m extremely organized and can multi-task like there’s no tomorrow – my partner always jokes that I must have had the neatest notebook in high school. Then he adds, “you could have been failing every class but you had the best notebooks.”

·         I’m a really good caregiver – I excel in the hospital environment or listening to a friend – this has also come in handy in the corporate world, as an Executive Assistant, I’ve discovered that my ability to anticipate and care for the CEO or the people in the office for a meeting has an enormous impact on the business deal

·         I can write thoughts that evoke an emotional response from people – thanks to the Internet and the comments people leave, I think this is another talent I possess

So what’s your list? What is it that is so simple for you to do and that you take for granted? I encourage you to take some time with yourself and figure this list out because once you know the things that come easy and understand that these are talents that you possess you can determine what of those things your most passionate about and perhaps even make a career out of it. Discover how fabulous you are – Don’t Get Me Started!

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