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Discover Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

Updated on March 2, 2012

Stop Smoking Naturally

Why did you start smoking?

What was the main reason that induced you to begin fuming?

Take stock of yourself and try to remember the time when you have lit the first cigarette. Well, remember? Of course not! Certainly because you have unconsciously started smoking without worrying about the consequences. Nevertheless, there are several main reasons that show why you started smoking.

  • A lot of people light up their first cigarette already during school hours. The reason is mostly the so-called peer pressure. Since they do not want to be an outsider juveniles early resort to their first cigarette, even if initially there are feelings of disgust. But as long as you take part you stay „cool“ and accepted.

  • Not to despise is any kind of stress which emerges e.g. at work, at school or during the studies. In order to prevent this a lot of people try to do different things. They go for a walk, play football, go to the swimming pool or simply meet friends. But unfortunately, the feelings of stress can also be reduced by cigarette smoking.

  • Regular smoking can also emerge from boredom. Most people light their next cigarette because they are waiting at the station for the next train or when the car drive still lasts some more hours.

People often get dependent just because of the reasons above and become chronic smokers. Afterwards it´s hard for the most to break off. And the longer you allow the constant inhalation of the smoke, the more your body suffers. Unfortunately, both the risk of a heart attack and of lung cancer is rising after a short time. It not infrequently happens that long-term smokers also suffer from chronic bronchitis and high blood pressure. In addition, smokers past forty look older than not smoking peers as their skin ages faster.

As a result there are multiple reasons to stop fuming now. Besides the health risks should also be mentioned an appropriate social gradation. Don`t get me wrong, of course there is nothing special or flashy when you light a cigarette in public. But so „cool“ as it used to be in school is no longer guaranteed. The person concerned may not feel so „big“ as earlier in the schoolyard. Not to forget are the constant costs incurred on the purchase of new cigarettes, especially as the price rises inexorably. So it would also bring financial benefits if you would quit smoking.

So how can I stop in a natural way to quit smoking?

As smoking has made primarilly dependent self-discipline is called for now. This should scare you under no circumstances and should not give the impression that only people with the utmost self-restraint have the ability to quit smoking. Because EVERYONE can quit smoking. You just have to be ultimately decided not to light another cigarette. And if you really have difficulty doing that you should first try to smoke only half of the previously used cigarettes per day. Alternatively, you can first turn to the new electronic cigarettes. Nicotine patches, gums or inhalers would make their respective contribution, too. Unfortunately, these methods also offer the first disadvantages. On the one hand, the risk is high that you will backslide and also the costs remain the same as when buying regular cigarettes. On the other hand, these are not natural ways to quit smoking.

But which are now the natural ways to quit smoking?

Of course, there are various opinions on this but the following path is definitely accepted by anyone who plans to spend no more money after the last cigarette.

  • Be determined! The more smoking disgusts you, the easier it will be for you to stop. The reasons are plenty. The skin ages, physical performance decreases constantly and you feel generally more uncomfortable. Most important though is that you are sure to never want to puff on a cigarette.

  • Give yourself jobs that distract you from thinking about smoking again. But attention! This does not mean to work an excessive amout because that creates stress and you are more exposed to the danger to light the next cigarette. Meet up with friends instead, take a walk outside in the fresh air or go jogging or mow the lawn. But beware! Never fire up a cigarette out of boredom!

  • Remove the existing rituals! If the coffee without the cigarette does no longer taste good you can replace him with tea, it keeps awake as well. Or rather read a book instead of smoking a cigarette when you are sitting on the park bench. Or play with your phone if you have to wait for the next bus. You know best at what time you light a cigarette. This can in fact be prevented by different, more meaningful substitutes.

  • Do relaxation exercises, e.g. tai chi or yoga. Through intense concentration and feeling the union of body and mind you relax and alleviate unnecessary stress, which occurs especially when the desired cigarette is not available or is tabooed.

However, most imporstant is still the decision to want to walk it off. Because it is also the time when you make an important change in your life because you now want to secede from something what has been a burden on you for years.

So I wish you the best of luck!


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