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Discover PEMF Wellness Device

Updated on January 17, 2015

PEMF Education! What Device to Choose!

PEMF innovative and superior technology is incredibly advanced these days that it conserves every illness known to man!

I have had the pleasure of several victorious years of familiarity and education in the PEMF Field, and have productively instructed and trained PEMF device consumer’s through-out the USA and the world. I can verify how PEMF this powerful technology is shifting the way doctors treat pain. Nevertheless there are many diverse devices available, and there is too much confusing information illuminating the true facts and questions. So what makes some PEMF machine superior to any other? My plan is to help with that decision! After many years of research and familiarity I have several answers on how to choose the best device!

PEMF Electro-Magnetic Energy

Pemf energy
Pemf energy | Source

PEMF! Quick Review. Here is How It Works

In order to help you formulate an educated buying decision, it important to know what phenomenon is in reality occurring when you apply the PEMF device technology. I’m going inform you about major fundamentals to look for, so you have an enhanced outline of what is in actuality taking place during your PEMF management and therapy treatments. You may find it complex however it’s actually uncomplicated to get a sense of the nomenclature of the science of this device! What brand of PEMF device will work best for you? I will, keep this answer short, and straightforward.

The most primitive PEMF device was considered to be a “lightning” machine for a rationale! Nicola Tesla revealed this theory and factual evidence over 100 years ago. The best way to look at it is that PEMF the energy simply re-charges the cells with magnetic electricity. This re-creates a healthy energized cell. The chronic areas that the PEMF treats such as persistent pain can only transpire in areas of low voltage in the body. That is, the areas where the cells are low in energy for countless number of explanations.
So the PEMF machine propels a superfluous electrical charge to those low energy areas using magnetic fields to transmit it into the body, the cells, the blood. Essentially, the device sends a 'parcel' of energy into the low energy areas.

You might think of the magnetic field as the packet and the electricity as the message to the cells of the body! And when the cells obtain that electricity they instantaneously use it to heal the body and this positive liberation can happen very quickly (within seconds to minutes) depending on the device the device!


Checklist to Assist in Purchasing a PEMF Device

  • Look for a high intensity device with new and reputable company..

  • Be convinced the device delivers 2.1 Tesla to 21,000 Tesla.

  • Do not be concerned with frequency details. They are fashioned to confuse you

  • Construct a due-diligence with the older devices out on the market.

  • Ask the question. How many years Warrantee? Is there a money back Guarantee?

  • Does your company rent PEMF device?

  • How long does it take for repair and returned devices?

  • Remember, most PEMF devices are very much over-priced. Look for Value!

  • How many devices are in the market?

  • Are there clients that I may speak with that have been using the device?

  • How can I contact the company for any questions and concerns.

  • Is there an on-line website that teaches protocol?

  • Are there PEMF device videos on line?

  • Is there a unit nearby that I could try?

Listen to Amazing PEMF Testimonies

Final Words

The PEMF science and the advanced PEMF device is with-out doubt changing the way the medical world is assisting the planet to heal chronic illness!

However the promotions, education, details and advertising practices of several companies involved are likely to help confuse you with making a resolution.

I have dedicated my vocation to sorting out the details and to investigate the many devices and help the consumer with a successful conclusion!

Take your time choosing the device that will fill your needs with your goals to wellness life style. There are numerous machines on the market today! Keep in mind some are if truth be told enormously overpriced nevertheless all devices are quite astounding and effective!

Make some calls. Search the internet. Do your homework and study only the facts! If the representative doesn’t know how PEMF works or can’t explain PEMF device protocol well then move on my friend!

I know that the PEMF Discovery will help improve your life and the lives of your loved ones, clients and patients.

Take the leap! Step out of the FDA square! Change your life with wellness and health with PEMF!

Magentic energy
Magentic energy | Source


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    • Jerami profile image

      jerami 2 years ago from Houston tx

      I took part is a study two decades ago which truly worked wonders. They built an electo-magnetic field and frequency comparable to that of that found in the blood cells of a new born baby.It was contained within an insulated box; I put my arm through a hole in the box for 30 minutes. My blood circulating through my arm was re calibrated.

      It was their belief that the electromagnetic field of our blood cells was the stabilizing force of our immune system, and pain tolerance. This proved to be the case. Wish I could find them again.

      Thanks to your article, I'll search the web to find one similar to that which I experienced 20 years ago. I'm due for a re charge.

      Everything which we take into our body affects this EMF either in a positive or negative way; For example,. when we consume alcohol, alcohol molecules replacing oxygen molecules does affect the EMF of our blood cells, proof of this is evident with the "Buzz" we receive immediately, also the hang over the next day. Our energy is spent. If too many oxygen molecules are replaced with alcohol molecules the EMF in our blood is extinguished and life no longer is.

      The EMF which is carried in our blood IS The Life Force which carries us through each and every minute of every day.

      An EMF most compatible with that EMF and frequency found in the blood of a new born baby is more beneficial. As can non harmonious EMF 's be hazardous to our health.

      Just my beliefs based upon my experience.

    • PEMF NEWS profile image

      CHARLIE FARRICIELLI 3 years ago from EAST HAVEN,CT 06512

      Hello my friend,

      Thank you for your comment! Yes! This world of medicine will be much better accepting new technology for healing and wellness! The problem lies with-in the system of the drug companies! We don't really need all the addicting pain drugs to subscribed!

      Thanks so much for your interest and Bless you.


      Charlie Farricielli

    • thebrownbear profile image

      thebrownbear 3 years ago

      I have never heard of PEMF before so I found your hub very informative and interesting. Thanks for sharing.