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Discovering The Connection Between Omega 3 And Weight Loss

Updated on August 19, 2013

Lose Weight With Fish Oil

With the overwhelming popularity of Omega 3 today, there are more and more people who are looking into using it to help them with their weight loss goals. While a lot of individuals often add Omega 3 supplements into their diet to give them a boost in nutrition, there are studies showing that they can also have a dramatic impact on weight loss. When you find that you want to shed some unwanted pounds, you should start to look into Omega 3 and weight loss to help you reach your goals.

Taking a look at Omega 3, this is a supplement that is well known for its ability to help reduce cholesterol levels as well as insulin levels in the body. When both of these concerns can factor into an individual's weight problems, it is easy to make a connection between Omega 3 and weight loss. Some of the latest studies today are showing that someone who tends to eat high levels of foods that are rich in Omega 3s or take such supplements will often see a certain level of weight loss when compared to someone who does not take in any at all.

Because Omega 3 is a nutrient that is not produced in the body, it is important to look for it in other ways. To enjoy Omega 3 and weight loss, you can work toward consuming walnuts, flax seeds, cauliflower, fatty fish, and eggs fortified with Omega 3s. If you are worried about consuming the right amount of foods containing this beneficial nutrient, you can look into some quality supplements that are high in Omega 3s that include both EPA and DHA. You can often find these supplements in various forms, from capsules to powders.

When you start to introduce Omega 3 into your diet, you will start to notice a difference in the way that you eat. Quite often, someone who has been working on an Omega 3 and weight loss combination will find that they will feel fuller. If you are able to eat at least one meal per day with foods that are filled with this beneficial nutrient, you are going feel fuller for a longer period of time even if you only ate a moderate amount. It goes without saying that doing this on a regular basis can help you to lose weight and then maintain a healthier weight more easily.

Finally, studies have shown that another major connection between Omega 3 and weight loss is the ability to boost metabolism. While some people are born with a faster metabolism, there are others who will have to work at increasing their metabolism or they will gain weight. When you get enough Omega 3 in your diet, you will be able to spike your metabolism, which will in turn help you to have the energy that you need to lose weight and get on track to living an overall healthy lifestyle. In the long run, you will be glad that you took the initiative to bring this beneficial nutrient into your diet.


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