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Discovering Your Purpose In Life - The Power of Purpose

Updated on July 28, 2011

If there's one thing I have face the most, that one thing is frustration. The frustration usually resulted because things didn’t go the way I wanted it to. I made plans but the results did not line up. I put great effort into things but never got a reward for my labour for one reason or another.

To be honest though, I was quite an impatient guy. Like this current microwave generation, I wanted what I wanted, and I wanted it now. I wanted instant results. I did not want to appreciate the process of becoming, because I had it in my mind that the reason why I'm doing it, is because I need it right now.

Obviously this lack of patience caused a lot of problems in my life. One of the downfalls is that I would keep changing what I was doing. I would try this, and then because it got hard or seemingly took too long, I would quit and try something else. This cycle went on for quite a while.

This only added on to the heap of frustration. Years were going by and I was realising that I had not achieved anything significant. I was always busy but never productive. I would always tell people what I was up to and what I had planned on doing, but these people would never see the fruit of my busy life. They saw I was constantly busy working on something or towards something but I never had anything to show for it. This really affects your confidence around your peers.

So I realised I wasn't going anywhere. I lacked the patience to allow the process of becoming what I wanted to become and achieve what I wanted to achieve. I became aware that if I really want what I want then understanding the process and possessing patience was the main keys to success. I had to change my focus and re-condition my mind. One of my mentors would say "To become wealthy, you have to first think how the wealthy people think". If i could think well, then I could do well.

One thing I habitually did and still do is to feed my passion. I expose my mind to things related to what I am passionate about. I read books, magazines and articles. I listen to CDs and podcasts on my iPod. I watch related things on TV and YouTube. I also regularly talk to like-minded friends and family. I mostly like listening to the teachings of leaders who have gone ahead of me and are now where I want to be.

This exposure only cultivates and develops such a hunger within to achieve the great things that I imagine. It gives me vision which makes my goals seem more attainable and realistic. When my goals are in place, I can then now begin to make a decent plan of the various steps I will need to take to reach my desired end. My vision for life has become sharp and my future is becoming clearer and clearer.

The things I was passionate about helped me to change my attitude and the way I view things. Now the world around me looks different. I have determined nothing will hold me back. Don't get me wrong, I sometimes get a bit discouraged, but for a lot less time than I use to. I encourage myself and get back on my feet remembering how far I have come, and where I'm still going

My mind has changed so much that when I face a problem, I would now see it as an opportunity to grow. It becomes a challenge to me, and I get a buzz from the thought of winning this challenge. This propels me into battle. Sometimes the things before me appears like a giant, but I have developed an audacity to believe I could defeat anything at all.

Purpose gives you the power to succeed. When you have to set your heart to achieve something, purpose from within is your driving force to overcome the challenges and the apparent limitations that try to prevent your success.

When you overcome these things it only adds to your confidence, especially when tougher challenges come your way. When you gain a few victories under your belt, you begin to feel you cannot be beaten in the ring.

I came to point recently that I just can’t quit. I went past that threshold of giving up. Quitting on something I have been pursuing was simply no longer an option. I think how nothing will hold me back and every obstacle in way, I will overcome. I’ve come along way in a short space of time. From the person that use to quit everytime things got tough or when things took long, I’m now a person that refuses to be beaten

I am thankful for the process so far because it has made me who I am today. It has pushed me to grow in character which can only be good for the future. I have learned a lot and now find joy in helping others overcome similar things that I had to overcome.

When you lay hold of purpose until purpose lays hold of you, there will always be power within you to overcome your challenges.


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