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Discovering Your Purpose In Life - Realizing Your Purpose

Updated on August 2, 2011

There are many indicators to help you understand your purpose in life. There are many questions, that when answered, will help you to maximise your potential to gain a greater reward for your labors.

Finding your purpose does take patience because it is a journey in which you discover more as you go along. A bit like an inventor, you create a prototype and then you test it. After, you’re likely to go back to the lab and make re-adjustments based on the results you got from the test. This process will continue to happen until you create the perfect model.

When you think you have found what you were born to do by thinking it over, it's important that you go and test this discovery with experience related to it. You should do something that will enable you to judge your decision. If it's true, then you will thrive in doing it. You'll sense a deeper satisfaction and a better or new attitude will come upon you. You might find yourself having a certain vision of what you could do and begin creating certain goals for yourself. The indication at this point is that the things within you begin to line up, and you find yourself with an ever increasing drive to progress.

The testing period is very important and may take more time for some than others. It may be that after a week or so you are 100% sure that you do or do not want to do this for your foreseeable or long future. It may be that after a long period of doing something you thought you might like, or originally liked, you notice that truly it's not the thing for you. You think its ok, but there's something better for you to be doing with your time.

It might just mean you need to make adjustments. For example, if you enjoy caring for people, you may set yourself to become a nurse. After working on a hospital ward for a while, you realise it's not as fulfilling as it should be. Whilst reviewing your life, you realise you really enjoy being around children as well. So a good next step would be to try and get work caring for children at the same place or another children's care institute. This way you combine your desire to care for people and your joy of being around children.

Going on, you might have another part of you that wants to start a business. A good idea would be to start a business with something to do with taking care of children. Now you have combined three desires into one work. The more you merge your many likes together, the more you'll be able to utilize your design, or what you were born to do.

This merging together of your likes, interests, strengths and gifts for the purpose of work is called career convergence. Convergence simply means 'The occurrence of two or more things coming together'. It's the combination of who you are and what you can do, for the purpose of work. Not just any work, but deep, rich, fulfilling and highly satisfying work. Something you could do all day, every day and even without pay (if money was not an issue).

One great thing I heard not too long ago was "a job takes energy away from you, but your work gives energy to you". This has been so true for me. When you have just have a job, you wake up in the morning and then drag yourself to the workplace. When you're in the workplace you are regularly checking the time in anticipation for lunch. After lunch you're regularly checking the time longing for the end of the shift to come. When you finally get home, you feel so tired even though you have many other duties to do. Despite wanting to do interesting things, you don't have the energy to. Or you might do something with limited joy, because the fact that you have got work the next morning is on your mind. I really did not enjoy this cycle.

Your work, the thing you was born to do is a different case. Your work gives life back to you rather than take it from you. It does not drain you but builds you up. You use a lot of energy and still have much in reserve when you busy about things you enjoy doing. Even before writing this, I wasn't in the best of moods, but not long after, I began feel a lot better and have a lot more energy. Teaching, writing and the topic of personal development are all things I really love. I have combined them to write this and now I'm in my zone.

What are the various things that you enjoy and how can you bring them together and make it your work? In the next article I’ll be revealing more signs that point to your destiny and other practical ways to discovering your purpose.

Until next time….Take Care


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    • kingdomatic profile image

      Daniel Williamson 6 years ago

      Thanks again....Yea I have a growing burden for young people and older people a like, when it comes to discovering purpose identity, destiny etc. It's vital for young people to have a vision for their life before they get into work field, and for the older people, they should realise it's never too late. You can start something and pass it on to people that will carry on your legacy after you have finished on Earth

    • LoosingIt profile image

      LoosingIt 6 years ago

      I found this article very useful and well written. This subject should be a course for all young people about to enter the workforce, or even older folks that have been trudging through work for years.