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Discovering Your Purpose In Life - The Importance of Purpose

Updated on July 27, 2011

There are great benefits in possessing a true sense of purpose. One thing I found is that it brought great focus to my life with which I was able to develop a vision for my life, set goals and plan my way there. I had determined in my heart that I was not just going to be another number in the statistics of human beings on earth.

The day I began to question my own life and think "there has to be more to life than this", was the day I went in pursuit of answers. Like most people I wanted health, wealth and fulfilment but I all of sudden realised that I wasn't really going anywhere. I tried to study subjects at college but then realised I didn't really like it the way I first thought. I tried working in various different jobs but they would last a little while, until I became bored of it and realised I do not want to be doing this for the rest of my life.

Life was just becoming an experiment rather that a true experience. These ups and downs and constant changing created a cycle of frustration in me that I commonly faced. I came to understand that I did not know what I really wanted. I did not know where I was going. I did not know what I could do. I did not know how to become satisfied for more than a temporary amount of time. These frustrations eventually propelled me into the journey of discovery

I would think how I've only got one life and from what I observe, time is flying by. I was a child, then I blinked and now I'm a young adult. While speaking to people much older than me, I came to realised that there was pattern of certain things they were saying. They would mostly talk about their regrets. "I wish I had did this" and "I wish I had did that". "I wish I did better at school" or "I wish I did what I wanted to do and not what my parents made me do". I couldn't help but recognise their face of disappointment as they would reminisce over their life.

I was determine not to get to a mature age and look back over my life and have regrets. I want to look back and be fulfilled knowing that I gave life my best shot and pursued big things. I want to share great stories with my grandchildren and give them the wisdom needed to get the most out of life

Purpose is very important. It gives you the drive to do. It makes you want to go higher, further, faster and develops great perseverance within you that you're just not willing to quit no matter what obstacles come your way. The things you use to see as problems that could not be solved, now become opportunities for you to become stronger and wiser. Purpose gives you patience and energy to endure. It enables you to overcome the tougher times during the process. Purpose bubbles up passion within, and brings great enthusiasm and excitement to you and those around you.

When you live with purpose you don't need an alarm clock to wake you up. Life wakes you up. You can't wait for Monday again because that means you get to be busy again with the things you truly love to do. You begin to dislike the night times, because the night says it’s time for you to rest. Your so driven to do that people have to implore you to take a break.

People of purpose know what it means to dream. They possess a vivid picture of the purpose being played out. The picture of your purpose is called vision. Vision enables you to see what has not become yet. Vision allows you to peer into the future, take notes and then convince people to come with you.

There's a famous story about a relatively well know guy called Walt Disney. One day he was sitting on a rock looking at a forest which was on his land. He called over one of his employees and said to him "Do you see that mountain over there?". The employee thought that Mr Disney was a bit cuckoo because all that was there was a cluster of trees. As Walt Disney sat there on that rock he began to picture in his heart a mountain that he could build upon his land. He saw it clearly as if it already existed but the employee, who could not see, just saw the trees that were there.

By the time Space Mountain was built opened to the public, Walt Disney had died. At the opening of this great attraction at the theme park, a man stood up and said "It's a shame Walt Disney did not live to see this great thing". Moments later Walt Disney's widow also stood up and said "Sir, I have to correct you about what you just said. My husband did not fail to see this mountain. He saw it a long time ago before it was built. He saw it whilst sitting on a rock"

The subject of purpose seems quite bottomless to me because there is much related to it. I have to make these pieces into bite sizes, so I can only share tiny bits on different aspects related to purpose. I know how it changed my life and I hope it will change many others as well, even if the change is not major. If life justgets better for them, then that's wonderful.

Until next time...


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