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Discrimination - Dictatorship - of - Disabled - People

Updated on March 28, 2015

Discrimination and Dictatorship of a Disabled Person.

In the recent months I tried to take out a loan for housing in the North Georgia Mountains in which I had plans of renting one of the houses on the land to a person and also coming up with ideas to either get off disability and create a job for me somehow some way with a bad back and bad knees.

I tried to go through the Housing and Rural Development Agency in which I filled out a prequalification form.

Two weeks later I received a letter back telling me my debt ratio was way more than my income that when I get my bills paid in full that I would be able to try again to get prequalified for a home loan.

Then I read the letter that came with the application which I had not read before for I was excited in finally in my life filling out an application in hopes to obtain a home loan and home of my very own. When I read the letter it stated that the land is not to be used as an income property, and that no one else but me can live on that land.

I thought to myself, well this is no good, they want disabled people off disability but yet they are not willing to help a disabled person obtain a loan to be independent in any way or for on the new home or land in which a disabled person would be paying for?

Then I started to think about the situation longer, well I am not going to go this route. I want to make money to either subside my income or have a renter who can help me with the work and money on the land in which I want to make into a farm one day. Yet be able to keep my lifestyle in which I am living with the ex-husband and to be finally on my own in life.

I also thought that I would not be able to make the house and land payments without an extra income of some sort of find a way to make money off the land such as selling fruits and vegetables, boarding horses, selling jams and jellies or crafts that I make here and there etc.

Does the Government want to keep us disabled people in poverty? Why if they are in such a hurry to cut benefits and foodstamp costs of mine then why don’t they help to help me get on my own and be independent free of them? I mean I get 700 a month SSA and SSI, and 100.00 a month in foodstamps, if I grow my own food I can stretch the dollar, if I find a place I can afford cheaper than rent a month why not help me or anyone else in my situation.

Some of the debt is not totally in my name it’s in my ex-husbands name and my name as one so when he passes on I obtain the items he bought. That is the only reason my name is on some of the loans, but yet I get denied even a prequalification status due to one items a little over 7,000 owed on it yet.

They want disabled people to live in independence but yet they still hold disabled people back from being independent one way or another.

Now healthy people for instance, they can have a lot of credit due to the fact that they are working, they can be in debt up to their ears some unable to make monthly payments and yet they can get any loan they want. Why is this? To me this is discrimination from the Government.

Now I’ve never in my life asked for help at all then 15 yrs. ago came down ill and have still in that time during fighting for my disability for thirteen years after had not had an income, have not asked for any help other than fighting for my disability, have not taken out any loans and all I did was try to clear up my credit at the time for it was in the low 500’s,

Now I apply for a loan with good credit and I get denied due to the fact that I am on my ex-husbands loan on a camper due to he wants to give me this camper when he dies? Is this fair? Thus taking this loan into consideration as to the denial of my homeloan.

To me once again this is discrimination, the person I talked to at the Housing and Rural Development who was handling my prequalification loan papers basically told me flat out we are not helping you. Thus making me feel like crap, like I was inferior to him, that I was not good enough for even a stinking house loan.

Now instead of trying to be independent, I have to still be dependent on my ex-husband who now wants to move with me after I find a land and need his help as a cosigner of a conventional loan for my own house and land, I can’t not get rid of the guy out of my life as I want to live free from him and any of his crap I hate so much, I still will not be independent to do what I want when I want without his mouth telling me I can’t do this and can’t do that and to stay on disability since I fought so long and so hard for thirteen years to get it,

He does not understand I don’t want to live in poverty the rest of my life and I want to live by myself. I don’t want him in my life or in my new house all of the time. That is defeating the purpose of me getting on my own finally in my life. Living the life God is telling me to live free from society and the bs that goes with people and society. Including him. Mr. Mouth of the South who so call knows so much yet knows nothing. Mr. Lazy.

Thank you Housing and Rural Development for the independence you so had given me which was none.

I will not be coming back to apply for a loan through you due to your stupid rules and regulations, this is not independence its dictatorship and discrimination. Both I will not tolerate.

Oh such is the American Dream, Poverty, Dictatorship and Discrimination.



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