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Do Body Wraps Work to Lose Weight Effectively

Updated on February 21, 2010

Many people ask the question: Do body wraps work to lose weight. Body wraps are essentially used to promote the loss of inches. A single body wrap session can result in a total loss of six inches. Body wraps also help to remove toxic products from the body. Toxic components make it difficult to effectively lose weight. This is because they encourage the body to retain excessive amounts of water.

A tried and tested solution to this kind of problem is the use of body wraps. Using body wraps is a process that involves body measurements being taken around various parts of the body. The cloth or bandages that are used to make the body wraps are typically dipped in beneficial solutions and oils. The body is squeezed into these types of wraps.

The individual is then directed to perform a series of light exercise routines that will aid the release of toxins from the body. After this, the body is unwrapped and the solution is rinsed out. At this point further measurements are taken to establish exactly how many inches were lost after the wrapping process. It is always advisable to drink a sufficient amount of water that will serve to cleanse the system and flush out toxins. The results are evident in the change of measurements before and after the body wrap takes place.

People can generally expect a loss of up to 20 inches when they first try out the body wrap. It is important to note that people are different and any loss experienced will vary depending on the actual individual and the rate at which he or she loses inches. To achieve the desired results, frequent body wraps are recommended because this will promote more toxin removal and weight loss.

Body wraps are carried out in various spas and beauty salons. It is better to use body wraps that are made from organic products that will not irritate the surface of the skin. Benefits of body wraps include an instant slimming effect, loss of fat from the belly area, tightening skin, and significant weight loss. With the removal of toxins from the body, body wraps also help to reduce body odor. It is possible to achieve long lasting effects by making body wraps a regular component of a healthy lifestyle.

Aside from helping people to achieve their weight loss goals, body wraps create a feeling of overall wellbeing. This is achieved through the removal of toxins that are often the cause of numerous diseases. Detoxifying the skin has extensive health benefits. People have the option of letting professionals do their body wraps for them or making their own. Whatever the case may be, consider the oils and solutions applied on the body wraps. Natural clay and seaweed come highly recommended to effectively firm and purify the skin. Their benefits are visible and they help to promote weight reduction in a safe and natural way. With body wraps, inches are lost within a period of hours.


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    • Loreen Lane profile image

      Loreen Lane 

      8 years ago from The Beautiful Southwest!


      I found your hub extremely interesting. I want to share a few ideas. People need to make sure they are aware of what TYPE of wrap they are using. Some are designed for quick weight loss through a diuretic process. The weight and inch loss is mostly water and is temporary. This might be desirable to fit into that little black dress for the reunion, but their body will return to the pre-wrapped size in very little time.

      I like that you explored the DETOX factor. It is important to know what that can and may do to someones body.

      Personally, I use the Ultimate Applicator from IT WORKS! It's main ingredients are very effective at detoxifying our fat cells on a more permanent basis.

      Remember, whatever process you use, drink lots of good pure water to be sure and flush the bad stuff out. If we don't it will find somewhere else to settle in our bodies.

      Keep wrapping!


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