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Do Homeopathic Remedies Control Panic Attacks?

Updated on November 28, 2007
Panic attacks happen more to women than men.
Panic attacks happen more to women than men.

We live in a wonderful time when we have more choice than ever about what medications or schools of health we can go to when we are sick, instead of just being stuck with one local doctor. Perhaps it is all of these wondrous choices that can trigger panic attacks in the modern patient. Panic attacks happen more to women than men, but we don't know why (perhaps only the women will admit it?) There are many ways of treating panic attacks, with conventional and alternative therapies. Are homeopathic remedies for treating panic attacks the best route to take?

First off, please go to a conventional doctor about your panic attacks. Follow any medications carefully. If, after a few months, you are still having significant trouble, then look into alternative healing. And please, don't use this article as a substitute for a homeopathic or conventional medical practitioner.

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is one of the more popular schools of alternative medicine, especially in Europe. You are treated as an entire person instead of just a symptom that needs curing. For people who don't want to look at their entire lifestyles and how that might be contributing to their conditions, homeopathy will be a very long road to take. If you are ready to work on your condition to the point of doing whatever it takes, then you may benefit from homeopathics for panic attacks.

In order to find a practicing homeopathic specialist, you may need to do some research. You could ask your doctor or your health insurance company to see if they recommend anyone local. Not many medical insurance plans cover homeopathy. Keep in mind that you may need many appointments before you feel improvement. You can also check with the National Center for Homeopathy to find a homeopath.

Homeopathic Remedies

In order for homeopathic remedies to best attack your panic attacks, you need your personality type to be determined, upon which the selection of remedies is to be based. The homeopath will also take time to get to know about your diet, stress levels and anything else they think might contribute to your panic attacks.

The most common homeopathic remedies available over the counter in Europe and sometimes in America are:

  • Aconite, from the Monkshood plant. This is especially used for phobias.
  • Arnica, a general healer for all situations where panic is involved.
  • Argentum Nitricum (silver nitrate) used for overwhelming feelings of dread and panic attacks with no known triggers, although there are exceptions to this generalization.
  • Gelsemium, when you are still shaky after the panic subsides
  • Opium to release you from paralyzing fears. Don't worry - this is so diluted that there is no way you can get high or addicted to it.

They are usually available in tablets and occasionally tinctures. Considering the taste of most medicinal tinctures, try to get the pill version if you can. The homeopath may prescribe a combination for you instead of just one.

Then the trial and error part begins, just like in any conventional medicine. You are taking medicine and can get side effects. If you develop any side effect or peculiar symptom like numbness, dizziness or bleeding from the mouth, stop taking the remedies and call both your homeopath and your doctor.

When you do find homeopathic remedies for panic attacks that help you, know that you are taking a medicine that may react with other medicines. When you go to the hospital or doctor for other ailments, be sure to mention what kind and how much of homeopathic for panic attacks you take.

In Conclusion

Homeopathy works for some people and does not work with others when it comes to panic attacks and anxiety management. There have not been a lot of scientific studies done and not many statistics available of its effectiveness. It's pretty much a case of "try it and see", which is just like with conventional medicine.


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  • Michele Engholm profile image

    Michele Engholm 9 years ago from Hutchinson

    I used to see a lot of people in the emergency room suffering from panic attacks. The symptoms at times were almost impossible to discern from a heart attack. I had such sympathy for those suffering from them. I am for trying anything to see if it will help. Thanks for this hub Rena...nicely done!!

  • Melissa Burch profile image

    Melissa Burch 9 years ago from Cambridge, MA

    I am a homeopath and have seen many cases of people suffering from panic attacks. Usually the person is in a very acute state and can easily describe their personal experience of how it effects them, how they uniquely feel it, etc., which helps the homeopath find the individual remedy that best fits their condition.

    The name of the condition is less helpful than how the person describes the symptoms, especially if it is unusual and connects to other parts of the person's life. This is how homeopathy works by making connections between your chief complaint and other problems in your life, whether they are physical, mental or emotional. Then the individual remedy for you will help all your complaints.

  • profile image

    sammie 8 years ago

    no its no good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • profile image

    Overcoming Panic Attacks 8 years ago

    Overcoming Panic Attacksi tried to many ways to stop the panic attacks, but what helped me most was the web site

  • profile image

    Victoria 8 years ago

    I have suffered from panic disorder for a loooooooong time. There are many reasons why people suffer from them from yeast overgrowth to a simple genetic disposition to them coupled with a stressful life. However, whatever the reason you're having panic attacks, this tea recipe should help. I use it a lot! It doesn't taste very good, but it helps. It won't stop a full-blown attack (except for that it takes 15 minutes to make from scratch, and by that time the attack is over), but it helps post-attack and also when you're just generally feeling 'panicky' (usually the in the days before and after the actual attack). It is especially helpful during the week before menstruating, when most women are susceptible to them. Drink an 8oz cup twice a day during that time and you will find it's easier to deal with 'waves' of panic--and waves of pms, too.

    Anyhow, enough jabber--here's the recipe for ANXIETEA:

    At your herb store, pick up:

    1 scoop each: lavendar, lemon balm, peppermint, passion flower, chamomile

    And 2 flowers of hops.

    At home: crush the hops and mix in with the rest of the herbs. For every 8oz of tea, use 1 rounded tablespoon of the mixture. Let steep for 10 minutes in boiling hot water, then re-heat if necessary. Use some organic raw honey to sweeten if necessary (but never ever use artificial sweeteners while panicky--or ever)--sugar, if you don't have honey. Sip slowly while sitting downand take deep breaths to force your body to 'calm down'. I also like to listen to an imagery CD about panic attacks at the same time--reminding myself that it's just my body trying to keep me safe, and telling my body that 'all is well'.

    Make several cups of the tea and keep it in the fridge during stressful days of your life and you can just heat it up on the stove or microwave when you need it.

  • Dr. Nancy Malik profile image

    Dr Nancy Malik 8 years ago from Gurgaon, India

  • droachllc profile image

    droachllc 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

    Sorry, this a great hub, but panic and anxiety have more to do with limiting beliefs and stress than whether or not you're taking the right diluted homeopathic remedies.

  • profile image

    blackSeng 7 years ago

    Nice hub!

    I actually cured my panic attacks with "The Panic Attack Solution" by Danny Chia. It works very well and it's like a miracle!

    It's been gaining lots of reputation recently...

    maybe you all wanna check it here:

  • Cassandra_Evers profile image

    Cassandra_Evers 7 years ago

    One tips that I have learn from this very informative hubpage is to ship from one treatment if the previous treatment is not effective.

  • Cassandra_Evers profile image

    Cassandra_Evers 7 years ago

    Most common Homeopathy remedy in Europe are Aconite, Arnica, Argentum Nitricum, Gelsemium, and Opium. Are these remedy really safe? Prescription is required to have any of these.

  • Cassandra_Evers profile image

    Cassandra_Evers 7 years ago

    With having a consultation, it is very important to tell the doctor what treatment or remedy you have taken and their effects so that he may know what to prescribe for you: To save time and money. Some doctors use the method of "trial and error" to find out what medication is effective for you.

  • profile image

    Dr Shreya 7 years ago

    Great hub Rena! I have personally seen that after we start homeopathic treatment depending upon the basic constitution and miasm of the person, the panic attacks start receding and after some time, the patients I have seen go into good introspection about their own inadequacy and overcome it in due course. Great read! Thanks!

  • mbwalz profile image

    MaryBeth Walz 7 years ago from Maine

    Anxiety is a combination of mind and body. I'm always sorry when people see such a limited view on conditions like this. My daughter used to have anticipitory anxiety and panic attacks. The homeopathy was very effective for these. Now that she's a teen, she has decided to stop homeopathy (but will go to a reiki practitioner). However, occassionally she still has panic attacks and will ask for her rememdy. Usually 2 doses over 20 mins stops them completely.

    Also, the limiting belief theory really puts women at a disadvantage. Male docs used to think menstrual cramps weren't real. But women's hormonal levels often cause depression, anxiety, cramps, etc.

  • profile image

    Anna 7 years ago

    Had panic attacks for 10 years. Tried homeopathic Staphysagria (remedy for people repressing anger). Low potency 6C stopped developing panic attack. 200C I took the next day acted very strongly, I was feeling sick for 2 days, and that was the end of my panic and of general anxiety.


    In determining the remedy I used Philip Bailey's Homeopathic Psychology.

  • online reviews profile image

    online reviews 7 years ago

    Interesting collection of views. I was raised using homeopathy and I recall us being a very healthy family. It was also pretty cool at school to pop a couple of pills rather than having the flujab. People used to drop like flies just looking at the gun!

    However I believe that trust and faith are a great part of the success; almost a presumption that it will help. As most people are aware, there is little scientific proof that homeopathy works but even as a placebo, if it gets results does it matter? For me the best approach is a balanced one.

    Find out what causes you to have panic attacks and anxiety and look at the options you have to conquer them. You can overcome your fears with the right approach.

  • profile image

    Anurag Srivastava 6 years ago

    When I was 19 years, according to the doctors at the All India Institute, I was having Schizophrenia and they gave me a treatment of Trinicalm Plus. But I think I cured my problems beause of running and exercise. The same problem occurred to me 1t the age of 30 years, which lasted for two years. The AIIMS doctor told me it is anxiety and gve me Alprax. But I think it was not Alprax that cured me but rather the medicine of three dose of Natrum Mur 1M and thereafter Ignatia 200 both in the morning and evening and Kali Phos 6 X. It betwee whenever I felt athe aforsaid tendency I took the same Homeopathic Medicine and did exercise, which came to my rescue. When I became 49 years old I have develped the same problem but neither the Homeopathic Medicine nor the exercise is coming to my rescue. During the period I have also developed neurological disorder because I lost consciousness on two to three occassions with my jaws vibrating. Now, I am on a doze of Eptoin for three years. I really don't know whether my problem is neurological or phychatric. During my entire life, whenever, I have had high temprature I have fainted in the Bathroom while urinating. I am happily married and having two daughters. My ACRs have always been 'Outstandin' in office and my family life is very peaceful. Will I have to live with the problems for my entire life or can it be cured.

  • PanicAnxietyInfo profile image

    PanicAnxietyInfo 5 years ago from Sydney

    I am not a huge believer in homeopathy I have to say - but thank you for the hub. It is always good to research different methods no matter what your beliefs are.

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