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Do It Yourself Emergency Kit For Traveling

Updated on July 3, 2012

Traveling Emergency Kit!

For sometime now I have been wanting to let the public know about the things that they would or could possibly benefit from if they knew what to take on trips with them. I haven't seen this talked about too much, but I will make a list of the things that we always take to heal our-self or to treat the problem while we are away and be able to keep it from getting worse, especially since they don't have the side effects that drugs do and we see good results that will get us through the trip and back home again, at least till we can see our doctor if we need too.

These are products we always take with us when we travel, we call it our "Do it Yourself Emergency Kit" for traveling:


There is no getting around an abscessed tooth. I know antibiotic's are not the natural way, but we don't have any choice when it comes to that kind of problem and the pain that it causes. It will hurt no matter what you do, treating it naturally. So the best thing to do in case we get an abscessed tooth or any infection is to always have a prescription of an antibiotic from our dentist with us. It will take the pain away until we get to a dentist! Then we can still have a root canal later. The other way, the tooth gets extracted. We learned that the hard way. A prescription stays good for at least a year and it doesn't cost a whole lot of money. My husband got off a jet airplane twice last year with an abscessed tooth and both times he forgot to take the antibiotics with him and his face was quite swollen and he was in great pain. Then he had to try to find a dentist that would see him in a short notice, (RIGHT NOW), and that is very difficult to do in that condition. Also, clove oil will settle a tooth down if it is just hurting but not abscessing, like around the gum area or inflamed, cut or burned.


We usually have a tendency towards constipation problems if we find ourselves sitting for long periods of time on an airliner, a train, a car or a bus. Not to speak of long conventions or just sitting too much anytime. Cascara Sagrada, the herb that helps the colon to move with ease or evacuate with no problems, or becomming addicted to it. It is all natural and will not harm the colon. Also if you find that one does not work it certainly does not harm you to take two or three. But if you do, you better not go anywhere that you don't know if a restroom is very close to you. If you do you will be sorry you did because you might not get to it in time. It works very well. Even the herb slippery elm has the ability to keep things slipping along, it is the herb that lubricates the walls of all linings in the body. It provides mucilage to soothe the digestive tract and it also relieves digestion discomfort.


These are the herbs and vitamins for the Bronchial's and lungs. When I travel I have no idea whether I will have a breathing problem, and I sure don't want to be caught with something that takes away my ability to breath easily, like when I went to Bulgaria. Lobelia Essence is also used for food poisoning, so that is also handy when I am eating out in a strange town and happen to get food poisoning. With food poisoning we usually start vomiting and cannot stop. Lobelia helps us to relax the stomach and stop the vomiting. It is known to be an emetic. If I have an earache a few drops of Lobelia in that ear will help to ease the pain. Nature Sunshine sells these products. Mullein and Vitamin A are the herb and vitamin for the bronchial tubes. Since my bronchials are on the weaker side I take them almost everyday, and especially if I travel to a place where the air is very highly polluted.

4) PROBIOTICS AND ACIDOPHILUS: Have you ever heard of the Montezma's revenge? Well that is when you go to a foreign country and you drink their water and eat their food that has been washed with their water. Help, that's all you can say when you cannot go to far from the latrine. Your whole vacation can just about be ruined by that situation. Pro-biotic and acidophilus both can prevent that from even happening. I just start taking it a few days before the trip and you will not get sick with the Montezuma's revenge. That happened to my pastor, I suggested he take a bottle with him like I do and he was the only one who did not have any problems. The rest of the people were even asking him for some of his pills. As a matter of fact, one of the lady's on the mission trip had to return to the US because she got so sick that she could not leave her room. Probiotics and acidophilus are the good bacteria that our colon needs to fight the bad bacteria in the water, and when we go to other country's our body is not used to the bacteria in their water and foods and we become overloaded with the bad bacteria and it causes constant diarrhea and cramping of the colon, plus even stomach aches, like I had, and it will stay with you until you get enough of the good bacteria in you to kill of the bad bacteria.


It is always good to have a few band-aids on your trip and some tape and gauze plus some iodine to disinfect as long as you are not allergic to the iodine, or even Neosporin.


Another product that we use for sore feet if we stand all day and our feet hurt or our lower back and shoulders. It works very well. It is all natural, it can be mixed 50/50 with olived oil if you do not want to use full strength. When we are coming down with a cold, we put about 10 drops on a sanitary napkin and stick it to our pillow at night to breath and inhale while we sleep. That way it does not move around in the bed. It has the ability to open the nasal passage and it has the power to kill germs. My husband laughed when I did that for him one night! Many years ago some nuns kept the leaf of a Eucalyptus tree in their bra when they were nursing people with the black plague, and people wondered why they never got sick. It has the ability to kill the germs on contact, it is that powerful. The natives in the jungle would chew on a leaf of the Eucalyptus tree to stay well. One other thing to know, is that bugs and mosquitoes hate Eucalyptus oil. So a few dabs here or there will keep them away from you, even on your clothes. Wash your hands so not to put it in your eyes though.


Nature Sunshine carry's this product and it works for pain very well. I have used it for sometime now and it is all natural. It is high in Boswellia, an herbal pain killer for inflammation. I was told that if I was in a lot of pain all over my body, of which I was, then to start out by taking 4 capsules at once, then 2 hours later take 2 more, then two hours after that take 2 more again. A total of 8 capsules. I had spent a whole day painting a rental and could hardly move the next day, so I went to my girl friends health food store and that is what she suggested to me and it worked. I had no pain that evening whatsoever! Then the next day I only took two a day from there on till the house was finished. You can order most all these herb products under my code which is:(NATURE SUNSHINE, BONITA DEPALMA, CODE# 102551-2, phone # 1-800-223-8225)


When I am traveling by airplane or any public transportation I don't want to be drinking too much water or I will have to be running to the bathroom a lot, but the problem with that is that I get very dehydrated and by the end of the day my urinary tract is burning from not drinking enough water. In order to deal with that problem I just take Uva Ursi and Cornsilk, and a large glass of water or buy a bottle of water at the airport and drink a good portion of it if you don't have to travel very far the rest of the evening. That always takes care of having urinary problems from not getting enough water that day. Also make sure you continue to drink some more water that evening. Normally most people would have to see a doctor when it gets to the point that your urinary tract starts bothering you. If we carry these products with us we will have what we need to take and nip it in the bud right then and there. Both herbs should NOT be used during pregnancy as it decreases circulation to the fetus. Uva Ursi is especially beneficial for bladder and kidney infections, it is also useful in inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract. Cornsilk comes from the silk on the corn cob, and it cleans gravel out of the bladder and keeps it healthy. This herb is really worth its weight in gold!


For gas and bloating and belching a lot after meals, we always use a Food Digestive Enzyme and a Protein Digestive Aid when we eat our meals. Digestion is only possible by the presence of enzymes. Without enzymes we cannot digest our food and assimilate the nutrients. Protein and starches should not be eaten together. Digestion for starches starts in the mouth, digestion for proteins starts in the stomach. When protein is eaten it needs the enzymes to break the meat down into pep-tones, and therefore putrefies proteins and ferments starches. Gas is caused by fermentation. After a period of time without digestive enzymes a person can develop an ulcer that can eventually become malignant. This is why so many people are on products for indigestion, like alka seltzer, tums, and etc. We always buy enzymes that include the enzyme Lipase. Lipase helps to digest fat. Many people have a fat allergy and get gallstones because they don't have Lipase to help digest it.


At times, many people have had gallbladder attacks or feel one coming on and is not where they can get to a doctor. Eating fats will bring it on, especially ice cream. Nature Sunshine has a number of products that are especially for that. BLGX, Wild Yam, Cascara Sagrada and Milk Thistle are products that can be used for gallbladder problems. Milk Thistle is actually used more for fat in the liver. Also, I suggest getting some apple juice with the pulp in it and keep drinking it. It actually softens the stones so the gallbladder stops hurting so much. Usually it is because they are stuck in the ducts. The acidic acid in the apple juice will soften the stones until you can get to the doctor to have it checked. I prefer myself to do a gallbladder cleanse so I don't have mine removed. I have done them numerous times and I have always passed the stones. This can get serious, so it is good to see your doctor if you have gallbladder problems. I did not want to loose my gallbladder as I have heard that it is known as the rectum to the liver. Once it is gone the fat accumulates in the liver!


I use a product called (SIMILASAN). This is an eye-drop for itchy or burning eyes for allergy's and staying out late or just not getting enough sleep. Also, if you get something in your eyes and it helps to wash it out.



This problem is one of the worst problems a woman can have at home, much less while they are traveling. Believe me, if you don't have something right away to deal with it, it can ruin your whole trip. I looked for a long time before I came across the right product for it. The ones on the shelf at the drug stores did not work for me. I found this through my girl friend who had the health food store. It is called DIOXYCHLOR DC-3. It actually works right away, and believe me, that is a miracle. It is a Homeopathic Peroxide. It stops the itching right away. I have never found anything else that ever did that! So ladies if you travel and you begin to notice a yeast infections coming on, you better make sure you have this in your suitcase for sure along with a vaginal ball syringe that you can douche with, you can buy one at any drug store. All you have to do is fill the syringe with warm water and put 15-20 drops of this in the syringe filled with water and douche with it. In my opinion it is a life saver.



Like hurting feet, bumps, sore back, things that keep you from going to sleep at night. I found a product called (Southanol X2) 1-800-895-2108 is their number to order. It is made by North Star. A few drops (2-5) rubbed onto the hurting spot within 45-60 seconds the pain is no longer there. Great stuff. Its not real cheap, but if you buy 2 bottles you get one free and that knocks it down in price. It has DMSO, Wintergreen, Limonene, Olive Oil, Emu Oil, Arnica, Calendula, St John's Wort, Ginger, and MSM in it. It is all natural. Wash your hands after you have applied it to your body. Believe me, when I find something natural that works for pain, I just want the whole world to know about it.

Well folks, I think that just about covers all the products I carry around with me when I travel away from home. These situations have been some of the most important ones we have experienced and wished we had been prepared for. I want to say one thing though, I have never once been sorry to have these products with me because it put my mind at ease that I traveled prepared, and I always had what I needed for the moment for quick relief, and I did not spend unnecessary money to go to an emergency room, out of town, or out of the country and see a doctor I do not know, and probably not get the relief that I needed.

Please leave a comment below if this information has helped answer any of your questions. Thank you for visiting my sight.


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    • catgypsy profile image


      6 years ago from the South

      What a great hub! Such a wonderful idea to have these on hand when you travel and the fact that they're natural is a huge bonus. Thanks for the useful information.


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