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Do Vaccines Cause Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Updated on November 27, 2017
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Did you get your vaccines?

Do Vaccines Contribute to Autism?

Do vaccines cause autism? This is a question that the autism community has been debating for years. The truth is, no one really knows for sure but there are many people who are very passionate about their viewpoint of vaccines.

Autism is such a complex issue. I have a hard time believing that there is any one cause for autism. I do not think vaccines caused my autism. There are so many factors that come into play when we are talking about autism.

I believe that autism is caused by a combination of things. Vaccines may or may not be included in that combination of things, but I do believe that the genetic make up of a person and the environment that we live in along with vaccines might go a long way toward determining if someone has autism or not.

When we think about autism and how many different functioning levels of autism that we have we quickly realize how autism cannot really be caused by vaccines. If it was true and vaccines were the main cause of autism without any other causes, then wouldn’t everyone’s autism look the same?

What makes autism so interesting is that no two-people’s autism look the same. Everyone’s autism is unique to them. This tells me that their area lot more factors that contribute to autism spectrum disorder than just vaccines.

People are often desperate to find the cause of autism because if we know what is causing it then we would be able to cure it. I think as people we look for something to blame. As parents we want to blame someone for causing our child to be autistic, so we are desperately hanging onto the idea that vaccines cause autism because that would mean that we could blame the vaccinations for our child’s autism.

Another valid point is if vaccines caused autism then every child who was vaccinated would likely have autism. While autism rates are skyrocketing and high we are still a long way from every child being diagnosed with autism. Plus, the autism rates have been skyrocketing for years but the vaccinations haven’t really changed that much so what is to blame for the higher rate of autism now? Can we really blame vaccines for the higher rate of autism?

The environment is a big factor when it comes to autism. There are so many chemicals being exposed in the air from factories that are environment has become polluted with things. I think the environment is a big reason why autism rates have skyrocketed over the past decade.

Everyone’s genes are different. When we think of the equation of things that causes autism we must realize that each person’s equation is different.

In some people we might see vaccines have more of an affect on their autism. In others we might see that their parent’s genes have more of an affect on their autism. While in other children we might see that the environment has more of an effect on their child.

These three parts to the equation can be different in each person and I really believe that is why we see different functioning levels of autism. If there was any one specific cause of autism, then I believe that we would see autism looking the same in every single person and we would all be functioning at the same level.

I will say that we must be careful of the amount of vaccines we give our children. The United States has more vaccines for children than in any other country and it just doesn’t make any sense that we continue to add vaccinations to the list of shots that we give our children.

There are many other ways in which we can stay healthy without taking so many vaccines. The vaccines I am sure have negative effects on us and some of those negative effects could be the autism spectrum disorder.

So, the answer is yes, vaccines do contribute to the autism and cause it, but they are not the only cause of autism. There are many other things that go into what causes autism and we must look at these areas equally.

We have the vaccinations, genetic make-up, and the environment that we live in. All three of those parts of the equation determine if someone has autism or not. The amount of each of these variables also contributes into what kind of autism a person has or what functioning level they are with their autism.

Many people think it is the MMR vaccine that causes autism. I do think it is bad that we get so many shots in one day and I have seen first hand how people get sick directly after getting the MMR vaccine. To say the MMR vaccine causes autism is a bit of a stretch because we just do not have enough evidence that shows that vaccines cause autism.

Many people have tried to say vaccines cause autism but to this day there is no good scientific evidence that says that vaccines cause autism.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is one of the biggest leaders in the theory that vaccines cause autism. His work has landed him in a lot of hot water because of his claims that vaccines cause autism without any real scientific evidence.

People are so appalled at Andrew Wakefield that they are wanting his medical license to be suspended. As you can tell this is a very passionate subject for all people affected by autism. If we could just find the cause of autism, then we could do something about it.

One thing we must take into consideration though is that there are some people with autism that do not want us to do anything about their autism. There are people who if we found a cure for autism would not take the cure because they love their life and love their autism the way that they are.

While vaccines are not the root cause of autism they are a part of the cause of autism. We must continue to investigate to get deeper into the equation to find out exactly what parts of the equation are the leading cause of autism spectrum disorder.

Vaccines Hurt


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