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Do Vibration Machines Work For Weight Loss

Updated on February 3, 2012

My First Experience With Vibrating Machine

I had not thought about the use of vibration machines for decades until they recently started showing up on fitness sites. The first vibrating machine that I saw was over 50 years ago in my Aunt Clara's basement. My best friend and I had no idea what it was. We plugged it in, put the belt around our waist, turned it on and away we went. A shaking experience. We then asked Aunt Clara what the machine was for. "Well, it is used for weight loss", she told us. We were wondering, do vibration machines work for weight loss as she suggested. She was tall and slim, so it must work. The whole week we were at her house we vibrated and giggled about it.

Old Time Vibrating Machine

2 Belt Vibrating Machine sold by JC Penney
2 Belt Vibrating Machine sold by JC Penney

History of Vibrating Weight Loss Machine

The vibration machines have been around since the mid 1800's. The original machines were made for massaging. They started out with one belt and evolved to two belts to cover more area. In the early 1900s they were used quite a bit. The vibrating machines then made a comeback in the late 40's and stayed popular thru the 60's. They became popular after WWII when the men came back from the war and women were leaving the workplace. It has been stated the reason was clothing styles were changing and women wanted to get back into shape. The question still was, do vibration machines work for weight loss?

It was thought that these vibration machines that were marketed as a massage system that could remove toxins from the body and therefore, they must help remove fat. The ads also stated that they could firm the arms. This reminds me of the Shake Weight for arm toning.

Vibration machines or vibrating plate machines are back.

Present Day Vibrating Machine

Belt Vibrating Machine. Appears to look similar to original one but with handles.
Belt Vibrating Machine. Appears to look similar to original one but with handles.

How Do Vibrating Machines Work

These machines vibrate rapidly in three different directions. This is supposed to cause the bodies muscles to contract continuously therefore burning calories and building strength. In order to achieve these benefits it is recommended to do a variety of exercises while vibrating. Squats and lunges are the most common. Most of the machines have timers for the various exercises as well as for just vibrating. There are even ways to strengthen arms.

These machines really vibrate and because you are moving (even if tho passively) calories are being burned and some muscle soreness can be expected in the beginning and when one moves up in the vibration speed. I tried a home model and it got my teeth chattering. I thought I would watch TV while on the machine and my head was vibrating enough that the TV screen was jumping. The question do vibration machines work for weight loss may be true.

Innovative New Vibrating Machines

Example of New Vibration Machine
Example of New Vibration Machine

I found vibrating machines for under $200 to almost $7000. The gym models are over $10,000 but I suspect that the cost includes some serious warranties. All information includes the possibility of answering the question: do vibration machines work for weight loss? Yes, of course.

The newest idea in the vibrating plate machines is one that has sound vibration. It is very an interesting read about harmonic/sonic vibrational frequencies and how they affect your body.

As with any exercise machine or program diet must be considered. The bottom line is that different things work for different people and if all else has failed or you are bored with your present exercise equipment, then try something new.

Your Experiences

Have you used a vibration machine for weight loss?

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    • profile image

      Lorna 3 years ago

      I have had a vibration plate for 1 1/2 years combined with healthy diet I have lost 3 and 1/2 stone or 66 kilo , I have had issues with arthritis and a hip replacement before I got the machine and have never felt better.

    • profile image

      Liz 3 years ago

      I bought a vibration machine after hearing about them, I was round about 8stone but felt I just needed toned up a bit and hate exercise! Iv always had toned butt on me and strangers used to come up to me and tell me how great my butt was, that's how I know it was toned lol but since using the vibration machine my bum has totally disappeared!! My jeans don't fit! Even ones iv had for yrs As keepsakes lol does anyone know wot I'm doing wrong? Soon as I seen my butt go I stopped using machine for bout yr but can not get my butt bk!! Any info would be great fully appreciated.thanks.

    • profile image

      jane 5 years ago

      I love vibration machines! I am an amateur fitness model/actress who is trying to break into the pro world. One of my girlfriends who is a personal trainer turned me on to these vibration machines and oh my goodness do they WORK! I’m already thin and toned from constant cardio and weight training so I was pretty skeptical a vibration machine would do anything for me. When I saw the number of PRO athletes (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA, UFC…) that train on vibration machines I knew there must be something to it. I did my research online on vibration machine reviews and found a great machine that was in my price range. I have been using it at least 5 days a week, just 10-30min a day, for 8mo now and here is the difference I experienced. When I started I was, 5ft 9in tall, 140lbs, 20% body fat, wearing a jean size 9. Now, 8mo later I am 130lbs, 17% body fat, wearing a jean size 5! I dropped a lot of fat and gained a bit of muscle. Plus the lumpy icky areas of cellulite on the backside of my legs and butt are seriously barely noticeable at all (I’d post a photo of my backside but I think it would get taken down) and the veins in my legs are lighter and less noticeable. Keep in mind I am doing the exact same workouts as before but now my squats, lunges, kicks, push-ups, ect. are done on my vibration machine instead of on the floor. I’m not sure just standing on them does anything for you but working out on the plate challenges me in ways I had never experienced before. So do vibration machines work? 100% oh yeah it did for me I LOVE my 3G AVT Machine! –Jane