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Do Diet Supplements Really Work ?

Updated on January 29, 2015

Supplements are the instruments to enhance better nutrition, by adding certain amount of nutrients to the body, which possibly can not be attained from the food alone. As far as the reason of taking weight supplements is nutrition, they do work on that part to get additional proteins or vitamins. But, if weight supplements are used to gain or lose weight, then there has been a corollary in the studies and research work so far.

Weight supplements are basically nutritional sources that can manipulate the metabolism, absorption and digestion of food into your system to enhance the calorie burning process and reduce the appetite. Many of the nutrients provided by the weight supplements for losing weight might also interfere with the body fat and enhance the utilization of this fat for the overall energy. Proper utilization of these nutritional supplements may lead to weight loss to some extent, while preventing further weight gain.

What to look for in Weight Supplements?

It doesn't matter whether you are considering weight supplements for loosing weight or gaining weight, you must ensure that you don't get taken by the quick and easy promises made by the wide variety of supplements available today in the market. Any weight supplement that promises quick results has the chances of results not staying up for a long term. Always evaluate the supplements and make use of your common sense while putting any plan in action.

At present, the weight supplements lie under FDA regulation and are considered foods, and not drugs or food additives. Any drug or food additive needs to be tested and studied for years, in order to get its effectiveness and safety proven and approved by FDA. It implies that the tests for the effectiveness of these weight supplements and their safety haven't been done extensively. Since the obesity is still kind of an epidemic all around the world, it is clear that none of the weight loss pills and supplements has been that effective. Hence, it becomes really important to do your research, and read a thorough review of the supplement you are considering for your needs. It would be more prudent to invest your money in physical activities and healthy foods, unless some scientific breakthrough happens in the weight supplement research work.


Though the supplement industry today is earning millions by selling supplements for losing and gaining weight, not all supplements can be considered equally effective for the purpose. The nature of how a supplement would work also depends on the individual's body and ability to show results. However, some of the supplements might be good for everyone. It has been proven that the enhanced response of insulin is a major factor in facilitating proper weight loss, but still it might not guarantee any significant difference in weight.

Supplements for loosing or gaining weight can always be given their chances, but do not expect them to do all the miraculous work overnight for you. Take them as the way they are - supplements, meaning they can only assist you in achieving the desired results, but you only have to make the necessary changes in your eating habits and physical exercise to see the difference and get the proper outcomes.


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    • calicoaster profile image

      calicoaster 5 years ago

      Yeah..thats absolutely correct. What comes easily goes easily!! :P and weight loss is no exception to that...

    • calicoaster profile image

      calicoaster 5 years ago

      Thanks Rain Defence! But where did you see "loose" ? I don't think I used it anywhere in the article!! :) Anyways, you are right, the mindset and appropriate plan with balanced level of nutrition and physical activities do help in getting results in a proper way. It might take time, but patience is the virtue!! :)

    • Rain Defence profile image

      Rain Defence 5 years ago from UK

      I think the reason supplements work, or one of the reasons anyway is the mindset that you get in when you start taking them. If I am having a couple of protein shakes a day, I don't want to waste them by not lifting weights. If you get into a routine with your shakes, then you're in a routine with your lifting and the two complement each other.

      BTW it's lose, not loose.

    • ALUR profile image

      ALUR 5 years ago from USA

      Holding one self accountable is the hardest yet most rewarding thing one can do esp on the journey to weight loss. I know this to be true as well for addictions. The reality is Iike quick fixes, but anything that comes too quickly fades as quickly.