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Change a Negative Mindset by Channel Surfing a Thought in Happiness

Updated on August 22, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' author who worked with challenged clients. She loves to share her experience in the mental health field with you!

Definition of Happiness

"A state of mind in which our thinking is pleasant a good share of the time."

- Dr. A. Shindler

The Meaning of Happiness

Happiness is such a simple term; still, it's the most fundamental basic human trait sought-after by every sound individual. I say a fit person with a confident mind-set, since unhealthy people don't cognize how to remain happy. Unhappy people think about depressing thoughts most of the time. They hold a pessimistic view of their lives, and get sick more often than most.

You can feel sad about an event in your life; yet, your general well-being stays in a state of happiness, when you're deemed a happy being. A cheerful person smiles often, and wakes up feeling thankful for every precious moment. They are energized about life and are busy and have found meaning in their lives. Such a person looks at the endless sky and discovers there is not a limit to whatever dream they want to achieve. A happy person cares about the general welfare of our world, except, not too much. They don't have a domineering thinking chain of a daunting world view.

A happy family is just what you need to lift you up.
A happy family is just what you need to lift you up. | Source

You Can Force Yourself to Feel Happy!

To be happy you have to think happy thoughts most of the time. You are what you think! Become aware of your thoughts and think about a positive outcome. Perhaps, you're wondering easier said than done, except, happiness can simply be felt effectively every day. When an unhappy or unpleasant thought comes into your mind, you can choose to ignore this thought. Think of something positive. You can force yourself to think about something pleasant. This will help you to feel better and you will become healthier in the process. You can force yourself to think positively by focusing on it.

The more you change your thought pattern to happier thoughts, the easier the shifting of negative thoughts become. This is sort of like channel surfing in your mind's eye. The same way you change the channel to your TV set when you dislike a particular program or are bored. You can learn to make a similar switch with your mind.

An easy way to do this is to decide to change your mind set. If you are having a bit of difficulty changing your negative thoughts into positive thoughts then try these few simple things.

  • You can go for a refreshing walk with your pet in a nearby park.
  • You can read a good book.
  • Call a friend to go see a new comical movie.
  • You can dance to music you love.
  • You can decide to overcome your negative thoughts by writing them on a piece of paper, and then ripping the paper to shreds. Destroying it will help you to heal quickly. For God's sake don't mail it to the person who hurt you and create more havoc.
  • You can pray and read scripture. That's always inspiring. Knowing that all things work out for your ultimate good is always inspiring. It gets you off from thinking about the negative things that happened in the past or having a pessimistic future.

Be Good to Yourself Every Day

Treat yourself superior, with respect, and have a general admiration for your persona. Look into the mirror, see the good in you, and smile at yourself. The more you smile every day, the more positive you'll feel. Feel good about your work, and good about how you treat the people you love. This brings a feeling of respect and general well being into your life every day.

Though a depressing thought may come to you, at times, this thought won't have the power or capability of breaking you, because you'll have in your repertoire thousands of positive thoughts stored away in your mind to draw beneficial energy from. Isn't this grand!

A SIMPLE way to be more positive is to ask yourself certain questions every day.


  1. What am I grateful for in this moment?
  2. How can I surprise someone or flirt with someone today?
  3. Could I have fun right now?
  4. How can I demonstrate love or excellence at this present time?

A positive thought is one hundred times more powerful than a negative thought! Remain in a positive and happy state of mind to enjoy all the good in your life.

A Happy Guide to Thinking More Positive Thoughts

A Positive Life Way to Think Upbeat Thoughts

© 2012 Sheila Craan


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  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 5 years ago from Florida

    Your welcome Angelica! I force myself to think happy thoughts every day.

  • AngelicaHementera profile image

    Angelica Ebarvia Hementera 5 years ago from Philippines

    I definitely agree with you. Happiness is a matter of choice not a matter of circumstances. If a person does not know how to be happy despite the difficulties in her life - she would never learn how to be happy because our lives are not beds of roses. Challenges abound every time. Each one of us must not allow these circumstances to get the best out of us but rather - we must take advantage of the experience so we can be someone better - more compassionate, more loving and stronger. Thank you for this inspirational hub! :)

  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 5 years ago from Florida

    Thank you TravelAbout! You are absolutely right! Peace and happiness come from within with love abounding and not by how active your are in fanfare activities. No one should ever allow the judgement of others to affect one within.

  • TravelAbout profile image

    Katheryn 5 years ago from United States

    I define happiness as being in a "peaceful and content" state of mind no matter what else is going on in my life around me or what I have to deal with. I feel blessed with the life I have and have many more things to be thankful about than not. My life to many would be considered very boring and they would most likely not be happy. I am happy and content with my own company and to just read, write and enjoy quiet time with my husband. I am happy to do without all the fanfare that others seem to love and find peace in the quietness even if I'm in the middle of a storm.