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Do You Believe In Miracles?

Updated on March 4, 2011

Do you believe in miracles? Well, if you don't, i do and it doesn't make any difference to me what anyone says about miracles.

What really is a miracle? A miracle is an intervention of an Invisible, Supernatural God on the behalf of a person who calls on Him in a time of great challenge; a situation that is beyond that person, and also beyond human ability.

There are ( and will always be) instances when we encounter situations in life that may make us feel hopeless, and look helpless. It could be in the area of our health, safety, finances, jobs, businesses, careers, family, or what have you? Whether we are the cause or not doesn't make any difference, the issue is that our ability to handle the situation is limited. So, in this state, if we dare to cry out to God Almighty, He will hear us and intervene in that matter,as an act of His abundant mercies ( see Psalms 107:8-20).

God so loved humanity that all through the ages He makes provision for them in times of distress. If you will care to study the bible, you will see that from time immemorial, those who sought Him and called Him up whenever they are faced with challenges beyond them were never disappointed.

In the book of Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6, the prophet spoke concerning One that will be born to be the solution to humanity's need f or divine intervention whenever there is a need. One of the names He would be called? "Wonderful!" or in other words, "Miracle!"

Jesus Christ is this Miracle; when you contact Him, you contact divine intervention- the miracle you need.

Everything has been divinely ordained to submit to Him; circumstances, adversities, infirmities, beings ( visible or invisible ). For He is Lord of all, and over all ( see Philippians 2:9-11, and Colossians 1:15-17 ).

I have seen miracles again, and again. I have seen 'stubborn' situations ( hopeless, dead ) changed as a result of supernatural intervention based on a demand placed on the the wonderful name of Jesus. I have also been a channel of miracles ( and still a channel) to people the Lord brought across my path in this short journey of my life. ( See 1 John 4:4 and 5:4 ).

Friends, please don't give up in that seeming hopeless situation of your life. And if you have, or know any one sick to the point of dying ( even if doctors or medical science has given up on them ), or having challenges beyond their human ability, let them know that miracles are real. They can come out of that situation today if only they can make contact with, and believe the WORD- Jesus Christ.

If they would, from the depths of their hearts, call upon Him, a miracle is available for them free of charge! See Jeremiah chapters 29:13, 32:27, 33:2-3. Also see Matthew 11:28 .


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      suegillespie 7 years ago

      Way to go!