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Do You Dream About an Animal Bite but Can’t Get to the ER?

Updated on July 24, 2019
Lorra Garrick profile image

In addition to fitness and exercise, I've always had an interest in the paranormal and "unexplained," particularly lucid dreaming and NDEs.

For years I’ve had a recurring dream, as far as the main plot:

  • I get bit by a small animal.
  • It’s almost always a small bite or nip.
  • I study the tiny wound to see if it begins drawing blood.
  • It always does; and always a very small amount. Sometimes the draw is very faint.
  • And I know that any sign of blood means get to the nearest emergency room for rabies shots.
  • I’m never able to get to the ER. There’s always some obstacle. In only one of these dreams did I actually make it to an examination room. The doctor appeared, said something and then the dream ended.
  • There’s been a few where I made it to the waiting room.
  • There’s been others in which I made it to the parking lot.
  • In the other such dreams I make it to across the street from the ER building.
  • And in others I never even get within sight of the hospital.

What does it mean to get bit by an animal in a dream?

This can mean many things, but what if it’s the same theme over and over? As in, watch for signs of blood; rush to the nearest emergency room; never getting there; dream ends.

There has to be a reason why my unconscious won’t allow me to actually get the rabies shot and then be sent home with the reassurance that I won’t get rabies.

The obstacles to getting to an emergency room are quite varied.

For instance, one was getting directions to the ER over the phone. But the old-fashioned phone wouldn’t work.

Another obstacle is that the vehicle I’m driving runs out of gas or has some other problem, or…there’s no vehicle to drive at all. I struggle to find any kind of transportation including riding old rickety bikes that get flat tires or have flat tires.

Another obstacle is that I can’t physically gain access to the parking lot, even though I can see it by the hospital. There might be a body of water in the way, or a confusing network of bridges, etc.

Something in my unconscious does NOT want me to make it to the exam room. Now this HAS to mean something.

It’s too simplistic and over-generalizing to say that these types of dreams symbolize feeling out of control in waking life.

Why would feeling out of control manifest in such a rigid template?

For example, the animal bite is almost always from some type of rodent, including raccoons. It’s very rarely from a dog, and on occasion it’s from a cat. It’s never from a bat.

I’m never mauled; the bite is never a gaping wound pouring out blood. And the bite is almost always on a finger rather than my neck, face or leg.

In real life, I have no fear of rodents. I used to have a hamster, and in college, let an acquaintance’s pet rat crawl up my arm to my shoulder. And I’m certainly not afraid of cats or dogs. Nor have I ever been bitten by an animal in real life.

This recurring dream is obviously heavily symbolic of something. My unconscious or subconscious is perhaps trying to tell me something.

Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe if I gain more control over my life, the next animal-bite dream will have me actually sitting in the exam room receiving the painful rabies shots.

Real Life Reaction to Rodent Bite

If I were to get bitten by a rodent in real life, I’d head to the emergency room. But…unlike in the dream, it wouldn’t be the nearest one. It’d be my HMO.

Even though I now use the Waze app for driving directions, this is never present in these dreams.


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