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Do You Still Have It?

Updated on February 19, 2015

What's Still Lingering In Your Soul?

Do You Still Have It?

By: Gail Taliaferro

Do have still have unresolved dreams and desires that keep you unfulfilled in your life? Do you still think about un- accomplished goals? Is that degree still waiting for you? Is that book idea still haunting you? Do you keep un-finished designs in your closet? Are the years passing you by with projects unresolved? Are you starting to engage in conversations with others or yourself addressing should’ve, would’ve, could’ve? This is just to remind you that you’re not dead yet! As long as there is breath in your body and the desire is embedded in you, you have time to accomplish your unfulfilled desires and move forward into your new destiny.

I’ve learned from my mother to “get what you want”. At the time we were shopping for furniture. Neither my mother nor I knew that I would apply that saying to design the rest of my life. The question to me was, what do I want to accomplish in my life? Now I pose the questions to you. What do you want to accomplish in your life? Do you want to open up your own business? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to reach a higher level in your spirituality or move up in the company you are working for? Another question is, are you living to exist or existing to live?

God has given us gifts and talents to be used to live more abundantly!!! Use your talents to fulfill your potential in your life. If your desire is to climb the highest mountain or work with the youths in your community, just do it! Life is to short and you only get one life, one chance to make a difference in this world!

Accomplish the goals you desire that are important to you and will make you happy! Once you start accomplishing your goals, your mindset will change because of the positive feelings that are experienced when achieving goals. The feeling of achievement give off a sense of fulfillment and recognition that you have completed a desired goal is priceless! Can you imagine a single parent receiving a college degree that took 20 years to complete? Can you imagine the feeling of accomplishment that was felt during the graduation ceremony? I can… I was that single parent who had a lifelong dream of being educated. It took me 20 years to accomplish my goal to obtain a college degree. I remember how I felt during the commencement ceremony. I sat there crying on the inside because I finally received my degree. The best part of it was that my son witnessed my achievement! He also witnessed the sacrifices I had to endure to achieve a dream, which motivated him to succeed in college and graduate! (I cried at his graduation too…)

This is just a quick reminder to think about those goals you always wanted to accomplish. Remember the dream you had as a child or young adult, before the responsibilities of family, work and life became an issue. Pull out those ideas and determine for yourself if you still have the yearning to fulfill those goals. If you still have the yearning in your sole, it means you’re not done with it yet… You still have that desire to follow your dreams and fulfill the purpose in your life! Do not circumvent the yearning you have in your sole. You still have it!!! The feeling to achieve unfinished goals God has placed in your heart. God gave you a gift… Embrace it… Go for it…Turn your dreams into your reality…


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