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Do You Think You Are a Better Person Being Drunk?

Updated on August 12, 2013

Have you ever wondered why people are so different when drinking alcohol? Some may be so funny and sometimes hilarious when drinking and then there are those that become your worst nightmare.

Many folks think by drinking alcohol people will notice them as they join in on the fun. Yes, sometimes you are noticed in a bad way, by being obnoxious, rude and simply making a fool out of yourself, and sometimes embarrassing your partner or spouse that is with you.

Some of us when drinking are the happy drunks and then there are those that are the nasty drunks.

These type of people don't even know what they are doing by acting this way. Some may even think they are funny, but the people with them have a different impression of them.

The big question here is, do you think you are a better person being drunk? I used to think so, and at time I was so hilarious and full of fun that people would laugh till they were crying.

But, then again I had those moments that I thought I was superman, with those good all beer mussels and a mouth that would stop a train.

Drinking beer, or any alcoholic beverage can certainly change a person quite fast from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. I was known as those guys a few times in my drinking days and believe me being sober now I am certainly not proud of that at all. Yeah, the good old booze can certainly change people in to someone else that you thought you knew.

Have a good time when you go out, but drink responsibly and never Drink and Drive.

So don't ever think that you are great person when drinking.  The alcohol will make you think you are indestructible and you will have no fear of anything and the truth of the matter is that you are only fooling yourself and no one else.

So if you are one of these people that can't hold your booze, give your body a break and everyone else for that matter and watch your alcohol intake.


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© 2010 Mark Bruno


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