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Do diet pills help you lose weight?

Updated on December 11, 2010
Meaningful exercise is still the best way to lose weight, although natural diet pills and supplements can initially help you. Photo courtesy of joiseyshowaa, Flickr 2010.
Meaningful exercise is still the best way to lose weight, although natural diet pills and supplements can initially help you. Photo courtesy of joiseyshowaa, Flickr 2010.

Natural diet pills can provide support for your diet program

When you are dieting, life can be tough. For some people losing weight is just a breeze, and for others it seems impossible. The worst thing is that it is almost impossible to see any day to day improvements, even if your diet is ultimately successful, and this can be quite demoralising for many people.

A common question these days is whether diet pills are worthwhile using in order to lose weight. Diet pills are not a new concept (in different shapes and form they have been around since the late 1800s), but recently they seem to have made a big comeback. The idea is great of course – to eliminate the hard work of losing weight through exercise and goo eating habits, to magically melt away fat while you sleep.

Okay, so it doesn't quite work that way. In fact, research has shown that it really doesn't work that way. It does appear safe to say that diet pills can be a useful way to boost your ability to shed fat, but unfortunately there is no product which will magically make you lose pounds without putting in some hard work. Ultimately, a fitter healthier and stronger body will only be achieved but eating better food, eating less processed and junk foods, cutting down on drugs, alcohol, sugars and friends or saturated fats, and in particular, engaging in some fun and meaningful exercise on a regular basis. Once again, diet pills can be a very useful tool, but that's all out. They are a tool, and not a silver bullet.

For a start, we need a word of warning on the use of any kind of diet pills. Just because you can buy it in stores, or you doctor prescribes it, doesn't necessarily make the product safe. The first products which May be considered similar diet pills were introduced in the late 1800s. It might shock some people to learn that early diet products or in fact almost identical to the drug which is now commonly known as speed, or methamphetamine. Did it work? Yes it did, in the same way that speed tends to make people go nuts! It boosts the metabolic rate, making people experience euphoria and a huge amount of energy, which tends to cause them to burn off a lot of calories, so in many ways it certainly did work. Unfortunately, it also resulted in people with addictions, and caused some serious social issues from their run in. This is a bit of an extreme example, and it's hard to imagine this kind of thing happening nowadays, but it just goes to show that products which are heralded as being safe and effective can sometimes have serious side-effects.

Natural diet products, often sold as natural diet pills, are generally safer option than prescription medicines. Just be warned that simply because a product is natural does not necessarily make it 100% safe either. Just think about all the toxic plants which are used in natural medicine-eating these plants can potentially be fatal, so don't be fooled into thinking that just because something contains natural ingredients you can just prescribe it to yourself and suffer no side-effects. However, natural products do tend to be safer and gentler on the body.

Natural diet pills, or herbal diet pills, generally work on the basis of being appetite suppressant. As this suggests, it means that consuming these supplements will cause you to experience reduced cravings for fatty and sugary foods. Undoubtedly this is the best and safest way to lose weight. Unlike prescribed artificial diet pills there is no invasive chemical presence within your body which is causing you to have faltered digestive functions, instead your body is simply getting less food to begin with. Natural diet pills are not effective for all persons, but they do seem to have a high success rate and are very safe.

Although it is possible to buy natural diet products in many places now, including supermarkets and grocery stores, the best approach would be to see natural health practitioner such as a naturopath and take their advice and prescribed product. A naturopath can offer you a lot of different advice, about improving the diet, and generally improving your health.

The bottom line is, that diet pills are not magic. You should view them as an aid which may help you in losing weight, and may help you to ultimately improve your health. However, they will only be effective if you are prepared to put in some hard work as well, exercising and eating good wholesome foods.


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