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Do not balance your life, integrate it. Synergism is the idea.

Updated on June 19, 2013

When focusing on nutrition we figure what we need and do not need.

This is critical when exposed for a time. Marshall what you have and consume based on the time you have. Maybe Carb up, maybe protein up, maybe sugar or chocolate up. But damn sure pay attention.
This is critical when exposed for a time. Marshall what you have and consume based on the time you have. Maybe Carb up, maybe protein up, maybe sugar or chocolate up. But damn sure pay attention. | Source

Good News and bad news.

A good portion of our time is consumed with standing in lines. Is that a bad thing? For some reason it makes me anxious unless I make a concerted effort to stay in the moment. I think that is due to two reasons. And that is what I want to talk about today. Exterior environment and interior environment. Or what I like to call my insides and outsides.

Turning the switch on and off

Here is a series of good news and bad news:

1. Turning off the outside world makes it easier to turn on the inside, problem is it means we turn off the outside.

2. Turning off the inside makes it easier to turn on the outside, problem is it means turning off the inside.

3. Turning off both the inside and the outside is easy. Abuse mind altering substances.

4. Freeing the inside allows for spiritualism and inner growth and peace, Problem is it means not being cooperative with the outside.

5. Freeing the outside makes life flow smoother with all around us, problem is it means being like the outside which is not necessarily good.

6. If the outside world is a bad place, it does not make sense to be a part of it. Problem is that dying of starvation is really lousy.

7. If your insides are all nasty and polluted and in angst, it is better to avoid those feelings. Problem is that they do not go away, you just hide them, which means you must deal with it all by yourself.

No gun but not a Chaplan

Each outside influence on your mind, body and soul is real. This mans' hands are probably white with a substance to help clotting on the wounded. How do you figure he processed?
Each outside influence on your mind, body and soul is real. This mans' hands are probably white with a substance to help clotting on the wounded. How do you figure he processed? | Source

The Great Balancing act is just that – an act!

Sorry to bear bad news. You do not get to turn on and off, the world or your feelings. Oh you can for a moment of meditation or prayer or song or lovemaking or even with a runner’s high or as mentioned abusing substances. But that will not work for the long haul and indeed complicates matters.

The great process!

In the professions of all sorts from welding to baseball to doctors and soldiers and lawyers and teachers, we have what is called the procedural and the substantive. The process puts us into a contemporary understandable methodology. The repetition and fitting things into categories helps us refine and manage complex concepts. A basketball player must shoot 100 free throws a day in order to be in proper process. A surgeon must go through the same cleaning, study of diagnostics and one step after another before she gets the chance to begin.

But here is the kicker

Your life means more to you than your profession. Your happiness and good health and contributions should mean more than what is on the outside. You see where we are going here? The balancing act is a sham and a shame. We must be fully integrated human beings. That means our insides and outsides need to work together as well as our right brain and left brain. What the requires is a constant practice of processing.

Processing the outside means evaluating how something makes you feel. Harder than it seems because you have got to recognize the proverbial sinker ball versus the curve ball. What I mean is that you have to recognize what is effecting you and process accordingly.

Processing the inside means that you must take it in, learn from it, put it into an appropriate memory box and then decide what it’s worth to you. Like assessing the value of a diamond.

There are tricks to processing.

This is a teaser. But more, I want us all to process in a healthy manner. That takes your input, share if you like but think.

I have found about ten tools to help me process. Some seem like Buddha while others seem like Michael Jordan and yet others like a monk and yet another like a child. I once met a guy who prayed to a doorknob. Of course that is not crazy. The practice of his prayer was something he wanted. But he believed in no deity. Prayer is a two way communication with a higher power (simply an acknowledgement of something greater than) That dude changed his life. Sometimes it is the procedural that allows us to advance in the substantive.


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    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Hey buddy, I am doing some housecleaning and noted a no-reply here.

      Reckon I should read my hubs more often. Happy day to celebrate all the presidents, for sure they are all better than me.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      The old doorknob as a higher power trick. :) I've met a few who prayed to the same deity, and it worked for them as well. Great food for thought here Eric; I'll be thinking about this the rest of the night.


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