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Do not rub your eyes – it may result in retina degeneration

Updated on October 10, 2012

Rubbing eyes may be dangerous for you, which may deteriorate your eyes. Check your child is not rubbing his eyes, which may cause impaired vision.

If you are rubbing your eyes, now, be aware about its consequences, which may be very dangerous in your future life.

The disease is called Keratoconus in ophthalmology, which may result in deterioration of cornea by your rubbing habit. Therefore, avoid rubbing as if possible. Keratoconus can be corrected with wearing spectacles.

Now, I can assume my dear reader will want to know, what is the disease called Keratoconus?


It is progressive degeneration of cornea of eyes. That may cause permanent defect of eye. Now, what is cornea? Cornea is the covering over the pupils. Rubbing eyes is the main cause of this disease.

Other causes of Keratoconus:

1. Rubbing eyes during childhood

2. May be result from birth defect

3. Down syndrome may be cause behind this

4. Allergies may play their role in development of Keratoconus

Symptoms of Keratoconus:

1. Blaring vision

2. You may not see distant objects

3. The symptoms may not be corrected by wearing spectacles.

Tips for your healthy and rejuvenating eyes:

1. Do not rub your eyes whenever possible.

2. Don’t splash water in your eyes because it may cause infection if water is infected with bacteria or germs.

3. If you want to splash water in eyes, use sterilized water, which must be filtered under Reverse osmosis.

4. Boil water and then let to cool down. With that water, you can wash your eyes.

5. Impure water may cause various eye diseases.

Glaring Facts:

1. Approx. 40 million are blind worldwide.

2. Approx. 250 million have poor sight or defected vision.

3. Approx. 290 million people in world suffering from impaired vision.

4. From above data, approx. 85 to 90 % people with impaired vision are in developing countries.

To be careful for following facts:

1. If Keratoconus develops in early ages or during childhood, which may be caused by rubbing eyes, is not curable even with wearing spectacles.

2. So be careful and watch your child, is he/she not rubbing his/her eyes.


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