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Do you always pretend to be happy when you are actually sad?

Updated on April 23, 2013

Do you always pretend to be happy when you are actually sad? In today's busy world many people do this. There are many reasons behind this self betrayal or some may call it self protection. You see I can understand that in many situations it is best to keep your negative emotions to yourself. For instance if you are at work or in some other important place where you need to focus your mind on the task at hand. Of course if you are in a crowded place like the subway, it is best not to show too much despair either since you might be attacked and thrown onto the tracks by some crazy person. However, from time to time it is healthy and necessary to express these negative emotions and be true to yourself.

Often society judges us for being pessimistic or negative. Maybe we feel judged for hating someone or feeling jealous. Maybe we are judged for being fearful or too critical. Whatever the case may be, the fact of the matter is that in the end of the day no one's opinion matters except your own. If you acknowledge and come to peace with your negative emotions, you have the ability to break free of them. Constant denial will only make things worse.

You know the reason so many people see therapists these days is because they fail to accept their shortcomings and do not want to accept the pain that they have in their daily lives. People have this expectation of everything being perfect all the time and having all this happiness. Well, real life is not like that. You are lucky to have a few good moments here and there. The rest is just luck.

So the next time you visit the shrink and throw away that hundred dollars per hour, just ask yourself whether or not think shrink has their own problems. I am sure they have many. Consider that if their methods of healing keep you coming back, do you really think they solved their own problems already?


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