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Do you know how important is Organ Donation?

Updated on May 22, 2013

Kidney Action day

This is Angel with the Award she won for the Drawing contest and with her is her grandfather, aunt, cousin, Mom and brother and sister. Dad had to stay home to take care of Romeo and the Angel Flyers
This is Angel with the Award she won for the Drawing contest and with her is her grandfather, aunt, cousin, Mom and brother and sister. Dad had to stay home to take care of Romeo and the Angel Flyers

Organ Transplant

Hi my name is Lisa. I am writing this today as I sit patiently waiting the results of a kidney transplant from one of the patients that does dialysis with my daughter. My daughter has been on dialysis for 5 years and she has had one failed transplant back in 2009. We have seem many of our patients go for transplants and most have been very successful. After a pediatric patient gets a kidney they come back to the unit a lot in the beginning for blood work but then after a few months we don't usually see them except at the Christmas party. The Christmas party is an event we all look forward to each year to see the patients we don't see regularly anymore and to really just catch up with everyone.

One of our patients is getting a transplant this morning from his Mom. She is an amazing women who is giving a part of her to her son. From everything that I understand a live donor makes for a much better chance at a successful kidney transplant. The surgery takes several hours. First the Donor goes in and then several hours later the recipient goes in. Then everyone prays and waits and hopes for the best possible outcome. I will attach a video here of a story our local news did on this family and a link to there facebook page as they are doing there best to raise awareness and I would like to do my best to help share that information as well.

There are so many people that have Kidney disease and don't even know that they have it. They live normal lives with out any problems until one day the kidney can't take any more and they wind up sick and in the emergency room and wind up on emergency dialysis. Some others find out about kidney disease through routine blood work and check ups at their doctors and others are simply born with it like my daughter was. Angel had about 10 percent kidney function for her first 4 years of life and then it started getting less and less until when she was 5 she started her first dialysis treatment and has been getting treatments 3 times a week ever since. Currently Angel is on the transplant waiting list as none of our family members is a match for her. Although she is on the list she is accruing time but not active as her doctors want her to grow more so we have a better chance of a successful transplant in the future. Kidney disease does not discriminate. Anyone can have kidney disease,lt does not matter your race or religion it does not matter your age or sex. If does not care about your sexual preference. All people can get kidney disease and all people can find themselves in the need of an organ transplant. There are many organization that help people. I know of the American Kidney Fund who is a wonderful organization. They help people with every aspect of their kidney disease and they raise a lot of money for research through their walks and kidney action day events. Several years ago Angel won a calendar drawing contest and she was invited to the Kidney Action day in Atlanta. She did the ribbon cutting for the beginning of the walk. It was one of the best days. I will share a link to that as well.

Not many people understand how delicate life is until it is about to be taken away from you. As a parent of a very complicated little girl I have found out first hand how difficult it is to understand that your child's life is not a given. It can be taken from you at anytime. This holds true for any parent of any child of course. The difference is as parents we try to protect our children keep them from bad people, keep them safe on their bicycle, keep them away from drugs and alcohol and of course teach them to protect themselves. All of these things come naturally to us as parents but sometimes no matter how hard we try to protect them bad things happen anyway. Car accidents and every other kind of thing happens. What we don't think about is Organ donation. When my mother passed on many years ago and the hospital called regarding donating her eyes my Father was so stressed on losing his wife he got upset with them and hung up the phone. Of course days later he realized what happened and felt terrible that he did not help someone see just because of his pain he did not see past the good he could have done by donating. Now that we are closer to the situation as my daughter was born many years after my mother passed, we are very aware at how important Organ donation is and we would encourage anyone to be a donor if their health would allow. I don't think every person is in a situation where they could sign them selves up and say I will give a kidney or take part of my liver but the people who can it is a beautiful gift. As well as I am an organ donor and so is my husband and oldest daughter. But this is all after we are gone and not able to see the gift we will pass on. Today I would like to people to realize this gift can be given while you are still alive to see the benefit. This is an amazing opportunity to give some one life.

There is going to come a time in my daughters life where if she does not get a kidney her health will start to fail. She has been on dialysis a long time but she is not a candidate for peritoneal dialysis which is done through a port in the belly and done daily at home. My daughter does HemoDialysis which is done in a dialysis unit three times a week. The Peritoneal patients have a little more freedom in diet and fluid restriction as they have dialysis daily. But Transplant is a much better treatment plan. Our doctors and nurses remind us of this regularly because some people look at a transplant as a cure to kidney disease and really it helps a lot and makes for a much better quality of life but still you will always have to be careful and mindful of eating healthy and taking care of your entire body.

I will share some info below about some organizations that I have found either helpful or interesting.

Kidney Action day

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