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Do You Really Know How Depression Feels Like?

Updated on July 10, 2020

I know not, if I’ll ever be able to put out everything that has been happening completely in words. But what I do know is that somewhere, amid all this darkness and tough times, there still is a ray of hope. Every tragedy gives us something to learn, it depends on us whether we wish to extract that or dwell on the grief it has caused. Before I say anything further, here’s how the past two days have been.

Day before yesterday, out of nowhere, in the middle of the night, I texted a few of my friends, asking them what they might think is something that needs to be discussed more often, something that needs to be normalized. I wasn’t quite surprised when most of them pointed out that it was a person’s mental stability and how most of the people going through any kind of trauma tend not to discuss it, even with their closed ones because of the fear of being judged. True it is, every time a person goes through something linked with his emotional well being, we hesitate while providing the support. Perhaps we can not comprehend what the person might be going through until we have sailed on the same boat. After discussing all these things to a substantial length, I finally drew some inspiration, sat with a notepad and a pen and scribbled my thoughts on the same.

The next morning, I.e. yesterday, we had a few more things to discuss, which we sure did. One of them was about how some people have been normalizing the word “depression”. Haven’t we all used this term quite casually without understanding the actual depths of what it really means and what it might do to a person? Yes, we have. I admit, even I have. After all these rounds of discussions and debates, after each one of us had rested our case, we wondered how things might have been if people felt safe enough to open up. What came in the afternoon was a massive setback. For a while, this didn’t seem true. “How can this happen to him?” I asked myself again and again while constantly checking the news feed. There were stories flooded everywhere about how this shining star had given up life. This was appalling. I remember how my friends kept asking me again and again if I’ve watched 'Chhichhore' until I finally did. This heart aches while it tries to comprehend what led him to do this. Anni taught us that suicide is never an option, yet when reality hits, things are beyond understanding.

Perhaps, I can say nothing about what depression feels like or how it might even take your life if you’re not given the help you need. It’s surprising how it took his death for us to realize its prime time we need to become more sensitive about one’s mental well being.

For sure, mental health awareness has made rounds of discussions in the past few years. Yet, that’s where it all stops. We put out our points, give our opinions, and then? We stop. Yes, that’s what has been happening and will continue to happen, suicides will increase and we’ll spend our lives trying to understand what led that person to take this step. Maybe we have to give a pause to everything that’s been happening around us for a while, understand how brutal this world has become and how we’ve been caught in a vicious cycle of hurting each other and ourselves. Seldom do we try to sit back and understand how these things are affecting us to the core.

I’ve got nothing more to say, for we never know who might need our help, who might have been fighting this battle all alone, yet smiling outside to protect himself from the judgments of the world. I hope we take a little time, introspect ourselves, give our bit and pre-eminently, be kind.

Ending it here, thank you!

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    • profile image


      12 months ago

      Well, if that ever happens to you, then think about your parents or your spouse. To make them happy, consider your ultimate goal, all the negative things will be left out.

      Sometimes we are very angry. And there is no understanding in this anger and many negative things come in our mind. But this anger is for some time and then the mind becomes calm. How to get inner peace

      Sometimes we are very angry. And there is no understanding in this anger and many negative things come in our mind. But this anger is for some time and then the mind becomes calm. How to get inner peace

      But in such a situation, students must think that there are many students below them who, despite much hard work, do not even get average marks or who do not have education or who want to get education but cannot get it. Albert did not score much marks in Einstein class, there are many more such examples. Who won the world despite not getting good marks. Therefore, it is cowardice to think about suicide in this world of immense possibilities. Letter to a daughter's own mother

      Always be in the company of good friends and read good books. Watch a good educational movie. They will bring positive energy to your thoughts.

    • Nityaa Kalra profile imageAUTHOR

      Nityaa Kalra 

      12 months ago from India

      Thanks a lot:)

    • Ivana Divac profile image

      Ivana Divac 

      12 months ago from Serbia

      This is such an amazing and important article. Thank you so much for sharing! Take care, and warm regards.


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