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Does Alcohol Have Negative Effect On Muscle development?

Updated on August 24, 2012

Is this true that Alcohol really Affects Muscle Building Process?

I am afraid but the reality is it is 100% correct. Excessive alcohol definitely has detrimental effects on muscle development physiological processes. Harmful effect of alcohol is far reaching than most people think. It is, therefore, must be understood how and why alcohol reacts with the muscle development process. This article is not a anti- alcohol propaganda but deals with the truth of the harms created by alcohol and for those people who are after bodybuilding. They have to remember the five points discussed below.

5 Vital Reason Why Alcohol Has Negative Impact On Muscle Development

1. Alcohol Increases Fat deposition
One gram alcohol release 7 gms calories and if not utilized these calories are deposited as fat. Calories from alcohol are empty calories like sugar. Both does not contain other food materials, moreover, alcohol interacts with Kreb’s cycle, a vital biochemical mechanism, that works to burn fats.

2. Inhibits Protein Synthesis
In the process of protein synthesis amino acids are join together makes a chain of amino acids ( 9 essential amino acids are required for protein synthesis). This chain eventually folds to a specific structure of protein and if requires combines with other proteins to make a complex protein structure. Excess alcohol decreases this process up to 20%. Protein is the fundamental component of muscle, hope now you can realize how does alcohol harm the muscle development.

3. Lowers Testosterone and increases Estrogen
Testosterone is the most important anabolic hormones requires for muscle development. Free flowing form of Testosterone is the determining factor of how fast and how much muscle you may gain. Naturally in human body the level of testosterone and estrogen maintains by a fixed ratio what is specific in male and female. Alcohol has negative effect on testosterone what eventually reduces its free form and increases estrogen level.

4. Alcohol cause dehydration
Muscle alone comprises of 70% water. Water crucial for almost all metabolic process to all physiological mechanisms. A bit dehydration is detrimental for muscle growth. To breakdown alcohol kidneys have to filter large amount of water what eventually results in sever dehydration.

5. It wash off vitamins and minerals from body
Alcohol drained off Vitamin B complex, C , Zinc and Phosphorous at rapid rates. Vitamins and minerals have huge number of biochemical significance. One function is they work as co-factors for proper function of proteins and another one is utilization of these trace elements and vitamins for synthesis of proteins.

Everything in excess is poison , too much Fun too

Moderation is the ultimate word for success in every avenue of life. To get significant amount of muscle gain you need to monitor your alcohol intake and be sure to drink in moderate amount but if you think for every weekend pub visit you better say muscle gain process a goodbye.

If you go out for a party be sure you have increased your water intake and have some good amount of micro nutrients rich food or supplements.

Muscle builder should not need to lead his life as a prisoner so don't be afraid to have good time once in a while. Be infrequent drinker and proper nourishment and water intake will certainly reduce the detremental effect of alcohol.


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