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Does Fish Oil Help You Lose Weight?

Updated on January 8, 2018

Does Fish Oil Help You Lose Weight? Over the last past years there have been studies that have shown that the fatty acids found in fish like salmon provide numerous benefits to our health.

These are called omega-3 fatty acids and help fight against heart disease and high cholesterol and are beneficial to our joints, brain and skin. A recent study has focused on the link between fish oil and weight loss and have come up with average results.

So, Does Fish Oil Help You Lose Weight Faster?

According to the study conducted by researchers in Iceland, fish oil had very minor effects on speeding up the metabolism which lead to more fat loss. The difference of weight loss between subjects that have had fish oil supplements and those that did not was of about 1-2 pounds over the course of 8 weeks. That’s a decent increase in weight loss but not exactly the landslide people suggested it was.

Out of all the control groups that participated in the experiment, the ones that coupled their food supplements with regular exercise had the best results. That just proves once again that there is no better replacement for a good workout when you want to shed a few pounds.

Fish oil might not be the miracle weight loss product you've been waiting for but is still an excellent food due to its numerous benefits.Does fish oil help you lose weight? Yes, in small amounts. And if you combine that with its disease fighting capabilities, it makes it a great food that should be a staple in every diet.

Research and Reality

The link between fish oil and weight loss has been the focus on more than just one study. Over the past years there have been several studies that have come out with positive results on fish oil’s weight loss capabilities. The reason why these studies are not subject of much discussion is because in every one of them, the results have been moderate and not overwhelming as the press would have you believe.

The reason for these wild speculations and rumors in the fitness industry is because they pick up on these small results and blow them out of proportion. So when they are asked does fish oil help you lose weight, they immediately make outrageous claims on the amounts of weight you can lose.

The researchers’ statistical evidence is of such a small significance that they are not even sure weight loss is connected to fish oil. This is because it’s hard to completely isolate other factors that might lead to weight loss in their test subjects. They continue to improve on the way they carry out the studies and with more studies coming up in the future they might even be able to pinpoint the exact weight loss effects of fish oil.

Conclusion and Advice

Even if you take the results of these tests for granted, the amount of weight lost is marginal. That being said, fish oil stimulates the body and has enough health benefits that the decision to eat fish like salmon and trout should be a no brainer. Eating these fish at least 2 times a week is always a good idea regardless on the type of diet you are on.

Since we established that there is a link between fish oil and weight loss, you should now focus on what kind of fish oil supplements you can buy. The American Heart Association has warned against taking more than five 1000mg fish oil capsules with a 30% concentration. Beware of the weight loss “gurus” and fanatics that would advise you to take more.

You should also be very skeptical of any premium quality supplements because most supplements that are sold for under $10 are already free of impurities such as mercury, PCB or Dioxin. Don’t be fooled by the $50 or $60 price tag or products that promise better purity or more weight loss. Unless those products have been proven to be more pure by a 3rd party laboratory you should most likely avoid them. Keeping yourself informed whether or not does fish oil help you lose weight will avoid the loss of money and time later on.


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    • MarieAlana1 profile image

      Marie Alana 

      5 years ago from Ohio

      Good information! Fish oil can help someone lose weight, but when it comes to cardiovascular and overall health a person needs to exercise.


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