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Does L Theanine Affect the Liver?

Updated on March 24, 2010

Does L Theanine Affect the Liver?

Orally administered theanine powderis absorbed through the intestinal tract and is hydrolyzed in the liver, thus it forms the glutamic acid and ethylamine. Ethylamine, a prime element of the immune system called the gamma-delta T cell, may protect the body against infections.

Among its major role as an anti-stress and anti-anxiety product (read the article here), L-theanine positively effects the liver. At least one research from Japan shows that L theanine can be a powerful antidote and protect liver from alcohol damages. When given to mice before and after they drank alcohol, L-theanine significantly lowered blood levels of alcohol, which proves that the supplementation of this product works by modulating the alcohol chemistry.

In the body, alcohol is converted to acetaldehyde, a toxic chemical similar to formaldehyde. L theanine accelerates the break-down of acetaldehyde and doesn’t allow for toxic radicals. This great possibility of L-theanine to intercept free radicals was shown in the same study. Not only free alcohol radicals were blocked, but L theanine also suppressed levels to below normal during 5 hours.

What makes L-theanine so special is that it restores glutathione, the liver’s detoxified and antioxidant, which allows the supplement to reverse damages caused by alcohol. When you drink alcohol, glutathione is significantly suppressed to the critical level. If this happens frequently, the liver can’t fight against the stress and it become affected, which results in the whole body damage. L theanine helps overcome alcohol-induced loss of glutathione.

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